Guilty Plea For Stealing From Care Home Residents

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A woman pleaded guilty in Lycoming County court to stealing $33,000 from residents at two homes for those with special needs.

They trusted her with their money, and now she admitted she stole a lot of it.

Police say Terri Stutzman of Williamsport used the money to buy herself clothes, a bed, sound system, air conditioner, stays at hotels and more.

Arrest papers show she had residents believing she was taking the money for them to go on trips, trips that never happened.

Stutzman left the Lycoming County Courthouse after pleading guilty to the felony theft charge for stealing $33,000 from residents of two care homes in Williamsport.

Stutzman worked as residential director at the homes for those with special needs, both run by Hope Enterprises. She has since resigned.

Stutzman admits to taking the money from 13 residents between September of 2012 and October of 2013.

Relatives of one victim brought a photo to court for the guilty plea. James Stryker passed away shortly after learning Stutzman took $6,000 from him.

"I think that he just gave up and didn't want to face the fact and hurt and pain that someone he trusted for several years, a real long time, had done such a horrible thing to him," said Tonya Bennett, the Stryker's niece.

If Terri Stutzman pays $10,000 dollars in restitution by her sentencing in July, she will get 90 days house arrest.  If not, she will have to spend that time in jail. She could have been sentenced  to seven years.


  • Nicole baby

    It’s a shame she can be out drinking an turning up!** but yet that’s all she has to do no jail time up front. That scum should do the time like any other person. God forbid we have one drink get pulled over go to jail for dui she steals money from numbers of people has to pay or face jail time an in the meantime still smuting it up

  • Nicole baby

    Yeah but still blows money out at the bars all weekend long. It’s a freaking shame she isn’t behind bars right now but yet god for bid someone had one drink an gets pulled over they go away to jail… guess stealing is nothing now a days

  • chritine

    Wow did you see her hold her head high like she did nothing wrong. Sure did make a great example that we all can steal and get away with it.Our court system let her make a laughing stock out of what’s right and what’s wrong.What stinks most of all is what she did not only to the handicap but what she done to her own family her son dosen’t know what’s happening but her daughter. Wow what a mother she is! The court system has most likley let her use her son’s handicap as excuse that she needs to be with him! She steal from the handicap for. God sakes. Bottom. line she is a piece os scum ans doesn’t care about anybody except herself! Take a good look at her she is a liar and steals more then you now and it will come back and get her. I need to say this to wow what profit that is you steal 33.000. And only have to pay back 10.000. And get to keep all the stuff you bought with the stolen money. You are DF aren’t they your famous words and your family is suffering while you walk free and do what you want. Jam so sorry for the family’s that you stole from may someday there will be justice.

  • dan

    she wont go to jail, she makes more than enough money selling drugs out of her home that the 10k wont be a problem. She threw a party after the court case so this is just a big win for her. I dont know if she has some sort of connection in the criminal justice system or what but she for sure gets away with a heck of alot. I sincerely hope that everything she has gotten away with comes back to haunt her.

  • sue villella

    She really should be ashamed of herself! I am a parent of a special needs son who lives in a Hope Enterprises Group Home and really feel Hope needs to do better investigating of their own. Things like this keep happening within Hope Enterprises and that is why I am working on different living arrangements for my son. Terri has a down syndrome son who went to school with my son and I just cannot fathom why in world she would do this to individuals that trusted her. I don’t feel the punishment she received fits the crime at all, she should actually sit in jail not house arrest. Karma will come around and then she will be sorry!!

  • Pamela Stickle

    they should put her behind bar and make her pay the money she stole from them and interest to the viticms she also should do time behind them bar since she stole for need people she is a sick B*tch she is

  • George V

    They should add… she bought a very expensive tattoo as well with the money she stole. Her Facebook page, which has not had a post since August 24th of 2013…shows her back, covered in a new tattoo. Some people have really…really big b@lls.

  • George V

    Wow… this low life dirtbag won’t do a day in jail…if she can come up with money? Since when do we start making deals with criminals like this deal. Pay up and you get to stay in your home, lay on your couch and stuff your face…SOME MORE (Better known as house arrest)? Sickening!

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