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Burglary Victim Helps ID Suspect

WYALUSING — Local and state police surrounded a home along Route 706 in Wyalusing on Friday around noon.

That’s where authorities tracked down a burglary suspect.

“There was several lock boxes that we found inside, so there’s going to be further investigation to where they came from,” said Laceyville Police Chief Scott Perry.

Police believe one of those lock boxes belongs to Carl Button. Button described what was inside, “$750-$1,000 in there. There’s a .32 pistol in there, there’s all of our kids ID’s, birth certificate, social security cards, credit cards.”

The burglary happened on Senate Street. One family member was actually home at the time, and police said what that family member did led them to the suspect.

Eric Courtwright was home at the time, and said he almost ran into the suspect, “I look around the corner and there was somebody that was not supposed to be in the house, that I didn’t recognize.”

“They left the home and went to the neighbors house and called 911. He gave the description of the suspect and best description they could of the license plate,” said Chief Perry.

Courtwright said, “I ended up chasing the car down to get the last four digits of the license plate.”

That description led police to the home of Joshua Wood.

Button said he knew exactly who did it when his son described the vehicle, adding “I had him do a couple of tire changes on my truck once to give him some extra money and help him out, you know what I mean?”

Button said Wood was in the home for about 30 minutes. He can’t believe his family is now a victim to this crime.

“We have five children, we both work overtime every week just to support our family. Justice was served. He’s going to get what’s coming to him, and that’s just the way it is,” said Button.

As of Friday evening, Wood was taken to the State Police Towanda Barracks. Police plan to charge him with burglary, but said he could face additional charges after an investigation of those other lock boxes.


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