Ashlee Ward-National High Jump Champion

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Ashlee Ward props open a door at the Anderson Center to start her run at the high jump. From there its power and precision to clear the height. Ward a senior at Misericordia just brought home the universities second national title in school history and the 1st in indoor track and field when she won the national high jump championship in Lincoln Nebraska two weeks ago.

"At the end I actually thought I came in 2nd place and I was ready to take my spikes off then I found out I was in a jump off and I've never been in a jump off before, and that was really intense and it was actually really exhausting and it's just exciting that I came out on top," said Ashlee Ward.

Ward cleared 1.76 meters or 5-9 1/4 for the national title, but it took some time to determine the winner.

"Finally Ashlee made that one and we thought she actually won it there, then the girl she made it right after her-so they took it up another 2 centimeters again Ashlee hit that one she jumped crazy out of the roof. Then the other girl ended up missing so it was very exciting. I think I was more nervous than what she was," said Amy Mantush.

Ashlee still jumps the same way she did in high-school off that left foot, the only subtle difference between Meyers and Misericordia here in the high jump in high-school she used 9 steps now with the cougars in college she takes 11 to get over 5 feet 9 1/4.

"Of course at Meyers you know I had multiple coaches down there who did great with me, and then coming up here and actually having more experience coaches within my event was definitely a great help," again said Ashlee.

"It's incredible not only to the program but for Misericordia as a whole for only being the 2nd national champion here it's great it really is," again said Amy.

Mantush started her track and field career at Hazleton and still holds the Bucknell University record in the high jump, now she's coached a national champion.