Will Singing Boys Of PA Perform At Church This Sunday?

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There’s no word if a children's choir will perform as scheduled this weekend following the arrest of their director.

Doctor Bernard Schade is the founder of the Singing Boys of Pennsylvania Choir.

He was charged Wednesday with raping a 15-year-old boy at his home in East Stroudsburg back in 1996.

The Singing Boys group was scheduled to perform Sunday at a Lenten program at a church in Bradford County.

The sign is posted outside the East Smithfield Federated Church in East Smithfield, advertising the performance of the Singing Boys of Pennsylvania Choir and its sister-group, the Keystone Girls Choir on Sunday March 30.

But now the choirs’ founder, Doctor Bernard Schade is charged with rape and sexual assault for allegedly abusing a 15-year-old boy in 1996; a boy who police said was a member of the Singing Boys.

Church volunteer Bernie Petry said he doesn’t know if the concert will still go on.

He`s tried calling the singing boys with no luck.

“I just left a message at the phone number, the only contact that I have that`s out there right now. So we have no idea if they’re coming,” said Petry.

Petry arranged for the choirs to come to the church, located near Athens.

He`s hoping the children will still show up.

“It`s not the kids fault, if there`s a group or someone that can bring the kids here, that`s good for them,” said Petry. “If they show up we`ll have them.”

Still, Petry said not having the concert isn`t what people should worry about.

State police believe there could be more victims of Schade out there.

Petry said if that is true, it’s those children that should be the focus of concern.

“If there were victims they need to be prayed for and for the whole situation,” said Petry.

State police said the sexual abuse investigation of Doctor Schade is ongoing with the FBI assisting.


  • Choir member 1996

    I am deeply saddened by this development. I was a member of the choir in 1996 and have gone on many tours. I will admit that I remember Dr. Schade was extremely agitated on those tours. However, I don’t recall any malicious and suspicious behavior in sexual misconduct.

    I owe the start of my career to him. While he tends to have a love/ hate relationship many ppl, he always had a method to his madness. I hope someone can take over this organization. I would do it myself but I don’t have the resources.

  • Bruce Fielding

    To OBrien– You passed judgement rather quickly. I don’t know the facts and neither do you

  • A choir member

    Susan Gill – I am a parent from the choir. I am sorry to say that unfortunately the children will not be able to perform on Sunday. We feel very badly about that, but no one but Dr. Schade has the music. We also feel that we have to protect our children from any press that might be there. We hope you understand and thank you for wanting us to sing for you. Blessings

  • Susan Gill

    We are terribly shocked and saddened by the news about Mr. Schade. Our church is left wondering if the children are still going to come or if we need to get the word out that the concert is cancelled. If anyone who is part of the Singing Boys Community could contact the East Smithfield Federated Church and leave a message or leave a follow-up comment here, we would truly appreciate it. Thanks — and please know we are praying for the children, their parents and this situation!

  • johnobrien1960

    We let’s all hope that there are no more victims of this sick pervert who preyed on young boys who were vulnerable to him when there parents were thinking they had left there children in the hands of a trustful person or group. They surely were conned by this sick pervert who will now get his punishment in the court of law and by people who are now all to wise and more educated of how bad and widespread this problem has gotten. It’s a real shame that parents who were lucky enough to have been blessed with these children who in these times can not be 100% confident that these kinds of sick things won’t happen. ITS NOW UP TO ALL OF US TO RESPECT AND PROTECT THE PRIVACY AND IDENTITIES OF THESE INNOCENT,VICTIMIZED,HURT CHILDREN THERE FAMILIES AND FRIENDS,FROM ALL THE HURTFUL MONEY+RATINGS HUNGRY NEWS REPORTERS AND T.V. STATIONS. While at the same time we must make sure that all LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES have everything they need to do there job and be able to PROSECUTE and PUNISH THIS ANIMAL TO THE FULIST EXTENT OF THE LAW POSSIBLE. Also we need to get whatever PROSICUTOR AND JUDGE TO KNOW THAT WE DEMAND THE ANIMAL GETS THE MOST HARDEST,STRICTEST,LONGEST,HARSHEST SENTENCE ALLOWED BY LAW PLUS A LITTLE MORE!!!

    • A formal Singing Boy of Pennsylvania

      As a former choir member myself I can tell you that these comments are not at all close to the truth.And to “johnobrien1960” who was clearly not a choir member and has nothing to back up his point, he does not have the facts correct. I went on several choir tours all around the country with the Singing Boys of PA and found Dr K. Bernard Shade to be a wonderful director. The claims that people are making are just not accurate. He didn’t ever attempt grab any choir member like the articles and media is suggesting. The media clearly has an “agenda” in this. I do question why victim waited so many years to come forward? This happened almost 20 years ago. I believe Dr. Shade is innocent. Dr. Shade is and was a good man.

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