Twirling Show and Tell

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This week, I decided to learn how to be a twirler of batons, knives, and fire! But I quickly learned that is easier said than done. Arianne Kasheta and Rebekah Thomas are senior twirlers at Carbondale Area High School, and have taken twirling instruction for several years from Lynnette Lepre-Van Deusen, of "Lynnette's Twirlerettes."

My twirling lesson began with twirling Samoan knives, and my fears got the best of me. I was timid and nervous about twirling a knife around my head, so I had more drops than catches. But, I am happy to report that no injuries occurred during the filming of this story. After tossing around knives, we went outside and tried twirling batons lit on fire! Arianne and Rebekah put on quite a show with the fire batons, while I stuck with a traditional figure eight move. Lynnette's four-year old daughter, Vanessa, also helped me to better twirl my fire baton.

My co-worker and friend, Stacy Lange, came along for this twirling show and tell. Stacy used to twirl for Abington Heights High School, and proved to be a graceful and poised twirler. I tried my best to put on a showman's smile, like Stacy, but looked more awkward, than confident. I learned that twirling is a lot more difficult than the experts make it look! These girls really are talented, and I applaud them for their ability to make it look so graceful.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in learning how to twirl anything from batons, to knives, and even fire, go to Lynnette's Twirlerettes website: She teaches people of all ages, and her students often appear in parades around the country!