Talkback Feedback: Explaining Our Calls

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A variety of calls in this edition of Talkback Feedback, giving a lady her due and Newscat smelling really good!

Sometimes, you really have to pay attention to keep up with what everybody is talking about, but don't worry, Scott Schaffer will explain this week's calls.

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  • justine tedesco

    had a hard time figuring out how to make a simple comment…obviously not a computer genius here…but the story on the trash problem in PA got my attention. I drive truck, and i cant help but notice that in NJ.. a far filthier general, that none of us PA drivers even like to go to…the highways are far cleaner…reason?…they use the incarcerated population to get out there and clean it up…we should too. We`re paying for them anyway..why should we pay state employees…or call on community voulenteer groups to do this service. this should be mandatory, and the fact that its not is rediciolous!…..thank you

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