Someone Stole From Veterans In Lackawanna County

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EYNON -- A veterans' organization in Lackawanna County is taking extra steps in security after a burglar swiped money from their safe.

Leaders at the American Legion post in Eynon fear it was one of their own members who took the money.

The commander of American Legion Post 624 in Eynon says the burglar took a significant amount of money from a safe very early Wednesday morning.

The legion has plenty of security measures in place, including several locks and an alarm system.

The commander thinks since the burglar was able to get in and out without being caught, he or she must be someone who is familiar with the place.

Members of American Legion Post 624 on Main Street in Eynon found themselves with a lot more on their plates this week. They had to hire someone to replace the side door, change the locks, and purchase a new safe after a burglar broke through the old door and swiped money from the legion's safe.

Post Commander Sarah Shifler got the call from the alarm company very early Wednesday morning but the burglar was already long gone, one of the reasons why Shifler believes the burglar may be a legion member or someone who has been here before.

"They knew exactly where everything was at. They knew exactly what to bring to get everything, and exactly how much time they needed to get in and out before the cops would be here," Shifler said.

Shifler thinks the crook was in and out of the legion in less than 40 seconds and in that time took a significant amount of money from the safe.

Leaders at the American Legion say after the break-in, a few things will have to change. Besides a new door, new lock, and a new safe they are thinking about adding more surveillance.

And the bond of trust they had with their members has changed, too.

"Everybody volunteers. It's a very good organization just like any of the hose companies out there, or anything else. Stuff like this shouldn't happen. It's not right, it's really not right at all," said Legion member Jim Utter.

Members of the American Legion say the financial loss won't break them.  It's the loss of trust that bothers them most. Especially since some of the money that was stolen was to be donated to veterans' programs.

"How could you do that to a veterans' organization?" asked Shifler. "We are here for the veterans and for the community, and to have somebody take from that is disheartening."

Members of the American Legion in Eynon say, so far, they don't have any leads on who the burglar may be.  Archbald police are investigating the incident. Anyone with information about the break-in is asked to call police.


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