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Coach Bucciarelli Leaving Abington Heights

After 32 years as the Head Coach of the Lady Comets, Vince Bucciarelli is leaving Abington Heights, but is not leaving basketball. Coach Bucciarelli hopes to get a coaching job somewhere else in Northeast Pennsylvania before next season begins. Coach Bucciarelli captured 12 Lackawanna League Championships, 14 District Championships, and leaves the Lady Comets with an impressive 592-261 overall record! Just 8 wins shy of 600, Coach Bucciarelli is a four-time Lackawanna League “Coach of the Year,” and was inducted into the Northeast Pennsylvania Basketball Hall of Fame, in 2013.


  • Edie

    School politics for sure because that WOMAN has a bug up her butt. I haven’t heard one nice thing about her since she came on board, not from any teacher or student. In fact I’ve heard nothing but negative comments from those individuals. Something is really wrong with this picture!

  • NepaFan

    From what I’ve heard, he was not let go, but that there were in fact “philosophical differences” between him and the school’s administration. It’s a shame, as he’s done a tremendous job an his record speaks for itself. Best of luck to him wherever he ends up coaching.

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