Classes Cancelled Friday At LCCC Campuses


NANTICOKE — Officials at Luzerne County Community College said there will not be any classes Friday at any of its campuses.

Officials cleared the main campus in Nanticoke, as well as five other campuses, in the area after an e-mail threat Thursday.

Officials would not tell Newswatch 16 what was in the threat but that they are taking it very seriously.

LCCC officials said people should stay away from all of the schools campuses until they make a decision about reopening.

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  • Brenda sabatelle

    this is bs as if we didnt lose enough time with the winter now all the professors are going to slam us with work to try to get it all in bc of some a**

  • Rachael

    Also a few weeks ago as i was leaving class in wilkes barre a police officer stopped me asking a rough estimate of how many students were still in the building. Maybe this threat has happened before.

  • Rachael

    I attend the school I feel that its my right to know what the threat is and if i ever want to return to that school
    i they should have it in a safter location there is 1 security guard there should be one at every entrance and exits. Especially the Wilkes barre location!

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