LIHEAP Program Extended

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SUNBURY-- It certainly was a cold winter, and so far, it's been a chilly spring. Now, a program that helps people pay their heating bills has been extended.

We are less than one week from April, but with temperatures in the 20s, Oakes Oil Company in Sunbury is still busy making deliveries.

"It's been very busy," Donald Mull said.

Employee Donald Mull says the average price of home heating oil is about $3.75 a gallon.

"People are upset with their oil bills and the money they've been laying out with them. Of course it's been OK for the oil companies for the most part," Mull said.

This winter has been so cold that Governor Tom Corbett recently issued an extension for Pennsylvania's LIHEAP program.

"It is a very good program, especially for the less fortunate that couldn't afford oil in a winter like this," Mull said.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps people pay home heating costs.

"We still have our heat on full force. I mean, it's really ridiculous," Jessica Hewlett said.

Jessica Hewlett of Sunbury uses electric to heat her home. She says LIHEAP helps her family of seven a lot.

"Yes, it does. I'm glad they're going to extend it. It helps a lot." Hewlett said.

The program was scheduled to end for the year on April 4. It's now been extended to April 18.

Pat Rumburger oversees the Northumberland County Area Agency on Aging. She hopes people will take advantage of the program's two-week extension period.

"It helps, and maybe it's going to be warm now, but at least they can put some more oil in their tanks for the fall," Rumberger said.

If you'd like to apply for heating help from LIHEAP, go to the assistance office in your county, or click here for an application.