In Lackawanna County, Demands for Warm-Up!

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The wind was whipping Wednesday and the temperatures frigid, despite the fact that it was indeed technically a spring day.

It sure did not feel that way as folks who were bundled up, waited for the bus in downtown Scranton.

"I don't go skiing, I do no snowboarding, so I don't like it at all!" said James Crossley of Scranton.

"I was ready in like January for the cold to be over. It's time. I need to start wearing shorts!" laughed Una David of Scranton.

At Corky's Garden Path in Scott Township, workers are eager for sunshine, warm weather, flowers and plants, but they said it has been too cold for any of that.

"You know, you can't work the ground yet. The ground is still quite frozen, even on warm days when you see that little bit of mud, it's too frozen for digging," said Richard Vaicekauskas of Corky's.

People said since the past few months have been so very harsh, they are desperate for warm weather that will stick around.

"I'm dying for it to go away. I've been here for 14 years, I've never experienced anything like it before. My cousin lives in Alaska. I'm thinking about moving there, it might be warmer," laughed Zain Rabbani of Scranton.

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