Baby Dies After Anger and Abuse

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OLYPHANT -- A baby died Friday night after an angry man allegedly struck the baby's head off of a metal crib, according to officials.

Police arrested Eddie Widdick, 23, from Jermyn, Wednesday, for badly injuring his girlfriend's 10-month-old baby and charged him with three counts of aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to police papers, officers believe Widdick got angry and hit the 10 month old's head off of a metal crib.

It happened on Delaware Avenue in Olyphant Wednesday morning while Widdick was home alone with seven kids.

Authorities said the unresponsive baby had to be flown to a hospital with head injuries, a broken rib, and bruises all over his body. The police also removed  the six other children from the house.

"A bunch of children came out of the house. One person had a baby in a baby holder, baby carrier. They went into the ambulance and the ambulance drove away slowly," said Lee Clifford of Olyphant.

Police said Widdick told them he hesitated calling 911 about the injured baby because he feared he would, "get in trouble."

No word yet if officials will be upgrading Widdick's charges after allegedly killing the baby in Lackawanna County.


  • Jim Brony

    I’m so glad all the working class are spending 10-12 hours a day at work just to afford the basics, and trash like these people just keep popping babies out and are cared for by our tax dollars. Whatever happened to shame? Makes me sick.

  • llong

    Lynn. What did you do to help? You cannot tell me the so called mom did not see all the other bruises the baby had. Did she not see the drugs and dirty house and dirty diapers. Where were you and other family members when all this was happening it does not happen over night. My opinion still stands.

    • Lyn

      There were not dirty diapers all over and they’re weren’t boxes of drugs. The news tries to make it worse than it is. And they are kids.. They will have bruises from playing rough. All of this happened within a matter if a few hours. Why don’t you quit judging the mother because none if this was her fault. She ha no clue what was going on. An her family has been here for her through all of this but it’s mindless people like you who make these situations worse. Go get a life! Do you not have anything better to do?

      • Guest

        What kid of mother leaves her children with a man she’s known less than two months. What kind of mother lets a man she’s known less than two months sleep in bed with her babies. Neglect by ignorance is still neglect and no real mother would have put her children in a position like that in the first place. How about instead of standing up for your dirtbag sister, you stand up for the children that were hurt by her poor life choices.

      • joey

        the mother is at fault. she was the one who allowed this guy who she barely knew into her house. the house was disgusting and they found drug para. in the house. she should be charged too..its her negligence that caused this.

      • bob

        @ Lyn…..clearly she is a friend of yours so your opinion is very biased. If you think what she did was ok, than you really need help. She did drugs…FACT….people who know her well knew that as does pretty much everyone else now…..clearly she wasn’t a great mother either….how anyone could leave their kids with someone they had only been dating for a few weeks shows how irresponseable she really is.

      • Jess

        It’s obvious you know this winner of a “mother” (I use that term VERY loosely) in some way. You people are all the same. Eddie’s mother for example is boo hoo’ing all over his Facebook page for attention & sympathy…is she kidding? No one cares lady, NOBODY. Ashley is claiming she had no idea; this the same girl who had LOTS of kids by more than one guy (she should be sterilized), and moved a guy in with her who she had known for all of a hot second & then left him alone with her kids – typical trash. Forgive me if those of us with some iota of intelligence don’t just give her the benefit of the doubt. It’s a load of BS that she had “no clue.” There were bruises on some of the other kids, NOT FRESH ONES. This is typical trash that now we as a society are required to financially support. She’s as much at fault as he is. Hopefully she gets charged and, more importantly, never lays eyes on those kids ever again. They should have a fair shot of not having her as a mother so they turn out to be much better people.

      • J.

        Yes, Lyn, we all work, paying for Ashley’s joblessness, pot smoking, and inability to pop on a condom so she isn’t popping out babies with several different men that we now also have to support. Yes Lyn, we’re busy being productive. You should have a talk with Ashley about that concept. I’m sure she’ll confused.

  • llong

    The scum mother should be locked up also. She knew what was going on. Drug’s, dirty house and dirty diaper’s. So called family member’s did Nothing. We now have a angel with us. Hope none of family get’s the other kid’s.

    • Lyn

      Maybe you should find out the whole sory before you judge the mother… She had no clue what was going on! And you try to keep your house spotless while raising 7 kids. It’s not easy. Trust me! I happen to be this little boys aunt so please quit bagging on my sister!

      • Don Helowitz

        Really. Why does she have seven kids in the first place when she obviously could not care of them? She is just as much garbage as he is. You are ranking up there wi9th them as well as your comments. Because of your sister’s and your inaction an innocent child is gone.

      • steve

        Lyn do yourself a favor, stop talking. Just reading your idiotic replies makes your I.Q. drop substantially and you need those points. Really you need them.

      • CCKM

        Story goes like this; CYS was called several times, she is 30 yrs old dating a 23 yr old with a record, you say you’re her sister? And it is said that she rest of the family trusted this loser? A 34 yr old creeper with a record and pix of pot plastered all over his FB wall. You say she had no idea he was like this? He has a record? Family didn’t step in to assist caring for these children, trusting a 23 yr old derelict with a record and a penchant for pot. Baby is dead. End of story.

  • bob

    A bullet in his head is what he needs. I would gladly put my name in a drawing to perform that service.

    • Christina

      Scum like this doesn’t deserve to live. Don’t waste taxpayer dollars for trial and incarceration, just shoot him.

  • Jennifer

    All this talk about welfare When it really does not matter about that what should be discussed is the children. I don’t care about the parents but I’m worried about the children. I just hope and pray that all those children are okay whether or not if they are one welfare or not is none of anyone concerns .

  • steve

    Sadly, poor education and public assistance become a way of life. How many working people who pay their way can afford 7 kids. Welfare case I’m sure. Too sad for those kids.

  • steve

    Cry me a river. You make it seem like the adults involved are somehow the victims. They’re not. It’s those poor kids probably being raised like animals. You need a license for almost everything. Breeding should be added to the list.

  • tara

    Who cares about who they are. Lock him in jail so he won’t be out on the streets, these abusers don’t stop. Pray for these children, especially the baby. Children are so innocent. Karma comes back around, they’ll both get theirs.

    • CCKM

      Similar case a few weeks back, mother was smooching up her husband on FB AFTER the fact. He shook their daughter,and was arrested for attempted murder, and it seemsand HIS mother posts a photo of this precious poor baby with Daddy’s Little Gril shirt on after the fact as well! WTH? Disgusting!

      • CCKM

        wow I am so upset can’t even type right…should really check before I hit send!
        “Similar case a few weeks back, mother was smooching up her husband on FB AFTER the fact. He shook their daughter, and was arrested for attempted murder, and HIS mother posts a photo of this precious poor baby with Daddy’s Little Girl shirt on after the fact as well! WTH? Disgusting! And it seems their friends are under the impression it was SIDS? Duh?

  • CCKM

    Ticked off how? There are many here who are ticked off for the sake of those kids! Trying to figure out just like you how it gets this far! CYS moves WAY too slow! The million dollar qustion here is, just how long has this been going on like this? If these were my nephews, I would’ve arrived with cops to whisk them away, or something! Or took my chances and arrived with my own posse. As for the person who made the cruel comment of adopting them out to china? Yeah, that was an ignorant comment.

  • janet Hoffman

    I feel we all need to say a prayer for the children if you all read the story all the children had bruises on them..this is not about welfare section 8 or anything like that its about abuse on children As far as the mother being in jail again not about her who ever left the guy in care of the children should have checked on them better… this is very sad and children suffer dyfs cannot handle all cases because there are so many allegations people make that become unfounded then when there is real abuse going on in a home it becomes to late… and a child ends up dead or barely alive….

    • Citizen

      Again, the mother is not in jail, the baby’s father is in jail and the guy who did this was the mothers boyfriend.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me sick. I think that dirtbag/worthless trash should be sitting in a jail cell and the same thing should happen to him as to what he did to that innocent child. Hit his head off the jail cell bars and beat him. Maybe then he will realize what kind of pain that poor baby felt. After that, let him sit there and suffer. I have no tolerance for people who want to do this to innocent babies/children.

    • Fasteddy

      Hmm mothers in jail.7 kids welfare section 8.. There’s no solution to this stuff all 7 kids become everyone else’s problem. Give the parents the firing ssquad and adopt the kids out to china

      • Citizen

        The mother is NOT in jail, the 10 months old father has been in jail for awhile now, the man who did this was the mothers new boyfriend.

  • the exception

    This is a terrible situation and I pray that baby is going to be ok! However I don’t agree with everything luvshorses has to say. There are plenty of ditbags in this world that fall into what you have described but saying that no boyfriend should be left with your children isn’t fair to the great men in this world. I am a divorced mother of 2 children and from the day I started dating my now husband I knew that I could trust my children’s lives in his care. He is a wonderful father of 3 who has full custody of all 3 of his children, the oldest is not even his. He met his x wife and took on her child and and then they had kids together. He was deployed and her way of coping was to drink so he left his dream of serving our country to become a full time father. We raise all 5 of our kids together and he works a great job to support our family, I stay home with our children and do my own work from home business and we are NOT on welfare. We own our home, 2 very nice vehicles and do a ton of stuff with our kids. I take offense when someone classifies my husband with the other trash in the world, he is a great man who took on his responsibility proudly and would move mountains for all of our children. I agree with drug testing and sterilization of baby machines but please don’t say ALL men because there are a few good fish in the sea!

    • CCKM

      I am sure they are aware of good men like your husband. When we speak of such foolish women and monster men, we are certainly aware that this is not the case ALL of the time, unfortunately it is most of the time. There are equally horrible women out there as much as horrible men. Often these women hook up with such men becasue they themselves are clueless and/or abusive parents themselves! Or drunks, or druggies.

    • luvshorses

      I never said ALL men, but I see so many stories of women who are just dating for short times and they don’t really know all the traits of that man. To entrust the miracle of a child to someone that you don’t really know ALL their traits is what I cannot understand. I NEVER SAID THAT ALL MEN fit that title. I am glad that you have found someone that cares, but that is the exception to so many stories here and in the real world. This was NOT aimed at the men of the world but to make people aware they NEED TO FULLY know the person they are entrusting their children to. The situation that women place themselves in are their choice.. it is not so easy for the children.

      • CCKM

        I hear that, but he still doesn’t look the type to be alone with 7 kids! I know few people who could handle that burden alone pther than a good parent with their head screwed on straight. He looks like a stoner-gang-banger! And it’s obvious at this point he wasn’t the guy for the job!

  • luvshorses

    I will never understand any woman who entrusts her children to a man she is dating. That man has no bonds with the children which makes it even more of a risk than someone who loses control and has a bond with a child. Stories like this where the only ones who are paying the price of the situation where people are allowed to pro-create like rabbits are the children; are the reason I am for mandatory sterilization. If you have more than two children and have no way of supporting them with food, clothing, etc.; you should not be allowed to bring another into the world… and not through abortion, but fixing the situation permanently. Why have more children that all the working people of the world will have to support monetarily while the adult who are pleasuring themselves don’t care for the ones already in their custody. The adults had choices .. they chose each other, the children are the ones that always walk through hell. They had no choice in being in the family or with their lives.
    I cry each time I read something like this, Pat Benetar had a song about children that pay for what the adults do.. it was called.. Hell is For Children.
    I will never understand that being adults you cannot do basic math. If you do not want the responsibility of a child, because it will cost you time, money and involvement, then it is really a simple act. Stop the insanity of sleeping around without protection, and if you cannot, and have two children that you are not supporting yourself, but involving the working people in America, then do you really believe you should add another child who will not be taken care of and abused because of what you claim is stress of not being able to cope?
    Grow up and become responsible .. we should have learned that lesson long ago. No one is entitled, and if you would stop thinking you deserve more, need more, than perhaps you could see that the ones that deserve something from you are the innocent children you brought into their hell with you.

    • jerry

      Could not have said it any better, also for the ones on welfare we need to have mandnatory drug testing and start the W. P. A. up again. Let them know that us working people won’t stand for it and they are not entilted to anything…

      • luvshorses

        My reason for the mandatory sterilization is for the children’s sake… how can anyone with any sort of logic not see that to keep on having children when you cannot provide for those you already have is putting the children at risk. They will not have the time needed to spend bonding with the parents, there will not be money for quality food, there will not be money for college, for any type of clothing where the children will not be bullied about in school. If children aren’t nurtured from infancy, they lack a bonding ability. They learn to live in their own imaginative world where they have loving parents, a house where they can bring friends home, food always in their bellies, and clothing that they can actually play in and not worry about passing it down to all their siblings. Yes, all of us that work pay for the irresponsibility of the parents, but that is not the main concern. I wanted 8 children, but when the reality set in with the first and then the second, I knew I needed to step back and reassess the situation. I went against my religious beliefs and had my tubes burned shut to prevent the possibility of another child. I did NOT WANT my two children to go through hell.

  • CCKM

    Where do these women find these dirt-bags for boyfriends,under a rock? HE didn’t call for help because he thought he would get in trouble. Whotta guy! It’s horrifying knowing people like this walk around! Some man! A man who beats babies is not a man, but a monster. Why was he alone with 7 kids? Were they all the girlfriend’s kids? He is 23, how old was she?

  • LYNN

    some families were are larger than others and the eldest care for the youngest. My first concern would be for the children and not any program. Once they are safe, then find out the whys!

  • Mel L

    What does Section 8 have to do with the story? I don’t think any of that is anything that you are entitled to know adam 12.

    • Guest

      2 of the children are eddies,their mom is in prison. The child in critical condition is a twin. The mom had her ex’s child and the oldest was from another man.

      • Citizen

        The oldest and 1st set of twins were from a previous boyfriend, 2 of the kids are her ex’a kids, and he’s the youngest twins dad also. Eddie isn’t any of their dad.

      • CCKM

        So at the end of the day, it was just one hot mess waiting to happen at a baby’s expense. He should be beat up to high heaven and castrated.

      • steve

        It’s sad when you need a program to tell who’s kids are who’s. Women like this should be sterilized after their 3rd kid.

    • father

      She was not section 8 – she trusted this man as did her family. Not all monsters show it on the outside!

      • CCKM

        ” she trusted this man as did her family.” Well even under “normal” circumstances this wonderful trusting family should’ve seen this guy needed a hand with all these kids?! Stupidity drops the ball once again!

      • steve

        Seven kids by at least 4 fathers. Section 8 welfare. Now that baby is probably going to be permanently disabled and the working people of this welfare commonwealth will pay for his lifetime of care. Tragic.

      • Jim Brony

        So she could afford her housing AND feed seven kids, all while working with public assistance? Wow, Super Mom?

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