Another Winter Blast In Susquehanna County

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UNION DALE -- It's now the last week of March but it certainly didn't feel or look like it in parts of our area Wednesday morning.

We talked to people in Susquehanna County who woke up to a couple inches of snow on the ground and temperatures in the single digits on March 26.

Yet another day of loading up the PennDOT trucks with salt and anti-skid in Susquehanna County. These PennDOT workers had other springtime projects planned, but then came a couple inches of snow.

"I couldn't believe it, to tell you the truth. I don't know if this winter is ever going to end.  We had other operations we were going to do, but of course we're back plowing snow and spreading the roads," said PennDOT worker Kevin Brown.

There were spots near Union Dale where snow and slush covered main roads.  Most side roads were covered much of the day.

"Spring should be spring, but it's still winter, you know?"

PennDOT does get help this time of year. The strong, late March sun helps melt some of the snow on the roads, but this morning, some drivers tell us these roads were bad.

"They were horrible, very bad," said John Box.

Box drives a school bus and says Wednesday morning was one of the worst.

"I heard the weather man, Mr. Tom, say something, say just a few more days. We're still waiting on that!"

Temperatures were in the upper teens.  Whipping winds had wind chills down near zero.  No signs of spring here.

That's not helping Carmen Gigliotti get to necessary jobs at Camp Tioga.

"We got a lot of work. Our bosses are coming in this week to get our list going," said Carmen Gigliotti. "We surely do (need the weather to cooperate.)

"Even up here it shouldn't be happening right now. It should be over. My daffodils are freezing to death," said Deb Wasnock of Union Dale.

At least the sun melts a lot of snow quickly, even with temperatures 25 degrees below normal.

"It's horrible, I can't wait until spring, but by the weekend, we're going to be all good, right?" Wasnock asked.