Volunteer Firefighter Charged With Arson Inside His Own Home

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MOCANAQUA – Authorities in Luzerne County said Tuesday that a 20-year-old volunteer firefighter has been charged with arson for allegedly setting a fire inside a double block home where he lived.

Troopers accused Corey Davis of lighting a closet door on fire on Italy Street in Mocanaqua back in January, and later responding to a 911 call in a fire truck with fellow members of the nearby Shickshinny Volunteer Fire Company.

After his arraignment in Nanticoke, Davis told Newswatch 16 that he is a firefighter, but he denied setting a fire.

Maria Fischetti said she remembered seeing the first responders who put out the fire near her home, and she was surprised to hear that a firefighter is being held responsible.

"My dad has been gone quite a while now, but he was fire chief for Mocanaqua. I was so proud of him for so many years. And then you hear someone involved with a fire company is doing this. It's just sad,” said Fischetti. “The whole block could have gone up and there’s a lot of children in the area. It’s just really unfortunate.”

Outside the Shickshinny Volunteer Fire Company on Main Street, George Hubbard told Newswatch 16 that these types of crimes hurt struggling fire departments.

“It’s just too bad because I know the firemen feel bad about it. It just makes everybody feel bad that somebody they know would do something like that,” said Hubbard. “In the past here, how many reports have you had of people stealing their money and that kind of thing. It’s just tough for the fire companies right now; you know when all these things happen.”

Following the arraignment in Nanticoke, Davis was locked up in the Luzerne County Jail with bail set at $50,000.


  • john

    He is a young man who did a dumb thing it is not a bad mark on the shickshinny fire dept they put their lives on the line every call they do and it is not a sampling of the residents of mocanaqua we have good neighbors and wonderful children ,And a special thank you to the Mocanaqua volunteer fire company who responded to the fire

  • JimTom

    In other articles it states the fire company apologized to residents of Shickshinny and Mayor Beverly Moore. What about the residents of the neighboring town where he was found setting the fires.

  • Tim

    Well he got his rush!! from the cameras anyway haha! What is wrong with our generation! It takes a special kind of person to do something like this and have no care in the world; the devastation and loss of life it could have caused.

  • jay

    He’s a hero! He was the first one to spot the fire and call it in ! He light ’em and fight’em !
    What is it with the arsonist firefighter? The attention starved tough guy volunteer firefighter will do anything to be a hero- including starting a fire. Absolutely SICK !!!

    • Joe

      Every group of people has bad apples and unfortunately volunteer companies can’t be quite as selective in who they accept. Small departments usually check references or run background checks but unfortunately stuff gets through sometimes. Don’t paint us all as pieces of garbage like this guy, putting the real responders in harms way. You should go volunteer, maybe if enough good members filled out the ranks, questionable ones wouldn’t even see an application.

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