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Obamacare Deadline Approaching

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HONESDALE -- The federal deadline to sign up for health insurance is less than a week away for people who are not covered.

Yes, that's part of the website, and health care professionals in our area are busy helping folks enroll in the program.

These days, Laura Long and Chelsea Lucchesi are taking appointment after appointment at the Wayne Memorial Community Health Center in Honesdale.

They've been tasked with signing up folks in the Health Insurance Marketplace, part of so-called Obamacare.

At first, they admit it was a bit bumpy, but since October, both women have enrolled a few hundred folks in a health care plan and assisted hundreds more.

"Right now, the deadline approaching, we're swamped, busy. We are trying to get everyone fit in," said Long.

Richard Klein of Hawley stopped by for an appointment with the Outreach Enrollment Coordinators. He's already insured, but is looking for a better deal for him and his family.

"If I can find something in the Affordable Care Act that's better than what I have, why not go with that? I need to save money, just like everyone else, keep the cost down," he said.

The women went so far as to leave their business cards at the local tax office to bring more people in the door to sign up.

"We've done posters, TV radio ads and outreach events which bring a lot of people as well," said Lucchesi.

Both said only a handful of people have chosen to pay the penalty instead of signing up for health care coverage.

Laura even met with Vice President Biden when he was in our area last week at Terry's Diner in Moosic and said she was encouraged to hear that Pennsylvania is one of the states with the most enrollments so far.

"It makes us feel good we're doing the job and doing a good job."

The deadline for sign ups if you don't have health care is Monday, March 31st.


  • Jackie

    This is not HELP FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They turned me down for not making ENOUGH Money. THOUGHT THEY ARE THERE TO HELP????? PLEASE EXPLAIN THAT TO ME????

  • mdog

    Not constitutional. Forcing healthy people to pay
    for something they will not need is no different than being mugged
    out in the street.

  • JB

    My husband lost his heath insurance on March 6,2014. He registered with over a month ago. He selected the Geisinger plan he wanted and has been waiting weeks for “Obamacare” to send his information to Geisinger. Geisinger will not accept a premium payment from him until they get his information from If the information doesn’t get to Geisinger by 3/31, he will not get insured until May1st. This process has been so stressful. You need to investigate more before you publish these “oh-so-rosey” stories!

    My husband is 60 years old with heath issues and cannot go without insurance or a prescription plan!
    Either of the ladies you interviewed want to help us with this???

  • m torch

    How about confirming that comment about PA being one of the states with the most signups. You’re gong to take that as fact and print it? I guess its too hard to fact check and verify. That’s called journalism.

  • Franko

    Why do only do a one sided story and report all the “positive” things about the Obamacare ? Why don’t you interview people who looked into it and discovered that they cannot afford the $4000 deductibles or the high premiums ? Why don’t you do a story on how there are many people in Pennsylvania who do not qualify for the government grant towards it because they are poor and get told by the government that they should apply for state coverage but how in Pennsylvania our governor refuses to expand the coverage for those who are low income and cannot get the grants. There are many people whose unemployment benefits have expired and have little to no income or have just one wage earner in the home and get told that they don’t qualify for the grants because they are too poor or those people who can get the grants, but because they are on unemployment or only have one wage in the house now, they cannot afford the so-called affordable payments ? Why do all of you make this out to be the best thing since sliced bread and that “everyone” is doing it.

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