Interstate 81 Interchange Seeing Big Changes

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PennDOT says it has a plan to improve the traffic flow in and around Wilkes-Barre Scranton international airport and Avoca.

Part of that is the elimination of an exit ramp.

The changes took place overnight on Monday.

Exits 178 A and B in Avoca will be combined in to one. The change affects both the North and South bound lanes.

The ramps that have been here for decades will be replaced by round-a-bouts.

The construction project also involves widening the bridges, and building a road that connects Navy Way to the near by Grimes Industrial Park.

PennDOT thinks that new road will ease truck traffic through this part of Luzerne County.

The $42 million dollar construction project began last summer and is scheduled to wrap up in the fall of 2015.



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  • marbs

    If I am looking at the diagram correctly it looks like if I am coming south on 81 instead of getting off and going right into the airport I will now have to navigate through 3 roundabouts. Coming north looks a little better only one roundabout. This is a waste of money that could have been used somewhere else, A much scaled back plan to include some expansion of some lanes and paving would have sufficed.

  • jm

    I hope this solves the massive traffic backups that incoming flights cause. Recently I picked up someone at the airport and there was a car in front of me at the airport exit at the stop sign. BTW it was all clear going up to the terminal.

  • bobc74

    What they should do is extend at least 1 lane of the on-ramp for I-81S. at Moosic all the way up to the Avoca/Airport exit. Too many people race up that exit ramp trying to beat traffic (which is impossible) and then abruptly cut into traffic right before they run out of exit ramp space causing major tie-ups going up that hill during afternoon rush hour.

  • Scott

    This plan has been in place for years and work started long ago. It’s already a mess and roundabouts are very confusing for a lot of people. Plus the only place that I have seen traffic congestion in that area is at the bottom near the Moosic on ramp so not sure what this work at the airport will really help. It’s not like the airport is overrun. Matter of fact I don’t ever recall seeing a back up around the airport exit.

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