UPDATE: Body Found in Plymouth Township

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PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP -- A body was discovered Tuesday evening in Plymouth Township in Luzerne County.

State police were called to Canal Park shortly after 6 p.m. Emergency dispatchers confirmed a body had been found.

Authorities left the scene around 8 p.m.

The coroner said the death of the 58-year-old man from West Nanticoke is not considered suspicious and has ruled the death a suicide.


  • K

    Probably the guy who owned the empty car they found a few months back, since they never found him and it was pretty much assumed that he jumped off the bridge there.

  • amberlynn

    I go to that exact spot alot and never really seen anyone back there. My guess is either someone drowned in the river and ended up at that spot but it could also be an overdose.

  • bleh

    a hiker, atv’er who fell into the water and hypothermia.. I go back there all the time to fish and jeep off road.. while once in awhile there are people.. there aren’t that many ‘druggies’ i’ve seen back there.. in fact.. usually i see no one back there.

  • Joey

    I know some people go there and have a few drinks to kick back. Maybe it was someone that had a few too many and drowned and washed back up ?

  • Mr. P

    Could be a drug overdose and then the druggers so called friends or friend dumped the body because they were scared???? There has been talk in the media about a super strong strand of heroin taking lives. Just a wild guess.. What ever the case, I feel bad for the family. There is no easy loss

    • papokergod

      With no visible wounds you might be right. If it were a jumper, you’d think they woulda had some sort of trauma. Another thing could be a simple drowning though. Still some ice on that water some people might take for granted.

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