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It’s Official! ‘Uncle Ted’ Inducted Into Horror Host Hall of Fame



The people have spoken and the Horror Host Hall of Fame has officially inducted Edwin “Uncle Ted” Raub (1921- 1998)!

The induction ceremony took place on March 22 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Below is the complete list of 2014 inductees:

Here are some clips of Uncle Ted in action (Uncle Ted’s Monstermania):


  • davpal

    Grew up with Uncle Ted– got me into magic & enjoyed his late night off-the-wall humor. Definitely an attribute to our area and its early tv history. It’s an honor to have seen him while growing up. It’s now an honor to have him as an inductee into the Horror Host Hall of Fame. Now everyone everywhere can learn of his history.Congrats to his family!

    • jhosk

      Didn`t Bill O`Reilly write disparagingly of Uncle Ted in one of his first books? {The meglomaniac was an employee of WNEP at a time when Uncle Ted was also.} That was unpardonable. Is just one more reason I have no respect for O`Reilly. Uncle Ted deserved praise, not censor.

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