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Flames Rip Through Home in Lackawanna County

CARBONDALE TOWNSHIP — Firefighters were called to the scene of a fire in Lackawanna County early Monday morning.

A family lost its home here, just outside of Carbondale Monday morning.

It’s a case where, officials say, a couple of factors made this fire even worse.

the fire here broke out around 6:30 a.m. Monday along Honesdale Road, in Carbondale Township.

A man who lives across the road said the home owner told him a child in distress signaled something was wrong.

“They heard the baby coughing.  They came out, tried to put it out with water, and then called the fire company,” Carl Snyder said.

A couple and their children lived there.  One of those children had to be taken to a hospital for breathing in too much smoke.

The Whites Crossing fire chief believes some of the damage from the fire could have been prevented.  The homeowner says this began as a chimney fire.  He tried getting to the flames himself, before calling the fire company.  The chief says valuable time was lost.

Firefighters also had problems getting water on the burning home.

“Broken hydrants, lines busting all over the place, dry hydrants, just couldn’t do it, had to bring in some tankers,” said Fire Chief John Piwowarczyk.

Hoses were stretched for blocks to the fire scene but the hoses had little, if any water.

It’s not just a house and possessions going up in flames.  Neighbors tell us the family moved in only about a year ago.  They were renovating the house, and all that hard work was lost as well.

The cold was a factor.  Runoff froze.  A tent was set up to provide a warm oasis for firefighters.

No firefighters were hurt.

A state police fire marshal will investigate the cause.


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