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Danville Area Teachers Set Strike Date

danville high school

DANVILLE — Teachers in the Danville Area School District have issued a strike notice for next month.

The strike is set for April 17, according to the union president.

He wouldn’t go into specifics about the reason for the strike, only that teachers should be paid for the job they do.


    • Support the Teachers

      I know this is hard to imagine for the folks that work a whopping 40 hours a week (sarcasm), but unlike most jobs that end when you go home, teachers have hours of work that they have to do after work. Now, I’m not a mathematics major, but on top of managing an at least 40 hour work week (8 hour school day x 5 day work week = umm oh yeah 40), they have to go home lesson plan, grade, contact parents, and complete paperwork. Also, most jobs get vacation time, so take that into account when teachers get summers off (which mostly consist of preparing for the next school year). No one goes into teaching for the money. When you are forced to go that long without a contract and a mediator’s recommendation gets tossed to the wayside, you have to do what is necessary for the sake of your own family. I recommend walking a mile in someone else’s shoes before you make a ridiculous claim about how hard a teacher works.

  • Rachael

    This is crazy teachers should not do this to the student. I feel that they should only be able to strike after school hours and on weekends or the summer. It may not get the point across as much but they don’t want to spend there whole summer in school.

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