Break-ins Across Rural Luzerne County

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DORRANCE TOWNSHIP -- Don't think that even though you live in the country, nobody will break into your home because it has been happening in a rural part of Luzerne County and happening in broad daylight when people are at work.

Most days, it's quiet in rural Dorrance and Hollenback townships in Luzerne County. But lately, state police say people have been disturbing the peace, breaking into homes, stealing jewelry and electronics.

"It worries me. It worries me."

Herman Spangler has heard about the break-ins in the area.

"My wife, she's here by herself, which you know, I worry about," said Spangler.

State police believe two men are breaking into the homes between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. while many folks around here are working.

State police say some of the homes are unlocked and many don't have alarm systems.

"I don't keep my shed locked. I don't have a lot in it," said Spangler.

Dorrance Township secretary treasurer Pat Davis says a woman who cleans the municipal building is one of the victims.

"To hear about so many of them at this point in time, it just kind of shows how, I guess people are just grasping at straws," said Davis.

Troopers say the break-ins have happened in Dorrance, Hollenback, and Slocum townships. They say, most likely, these men are drug users looking for easy targets

"I'm at work during the day, and if no one's home at my own property, everyone's at risk at this point," said Davis.

State police are following up on a few leads with these break-ins. For now, they're asking people to lock their doors and install alarm systems.


  • CrazyRebel

    Lots of Drugs=Break ins. It will only get worse. If your not the mail man or the cops, pictures will be taken and gun will be in hand. Dont even allow the jehovah witnesses on your property. Trust no one and you will be fine! If you guys cant afford a alarm system go to walmart and get a deer camera. Mount it along your drive way so it takes pictures of every car that passes it.

  • disabled taxpayer

    I live in town an have a Security System from A.D.T. . And I put up a 9 camera security system . I do see people walking down the sidewalk an most stop and look right at the 3 camera’s out front but most dont see the other camera’s. some even point at the camera’s they can see as ther talking to the person ther walking with . IT’S FUNNY TO SEE . I can just think of what ther saying fake or real . I think go right ahead an try to get in

  • JoeD.

    To me it’s hilarious to see the comments about this.
    1st You get the gun toting kooks who think they are going be Chuck Norris and hunt people down.
    2nd You get the people who say get security systems and dogs blah blah blah.
    3rd We have the “it’s the Illegals” people.What a Joke.
    Here is a real solution. Give people a reason not to steel. How?
    The State and local Municipalities need to give tax breaks to companies for job creation.These need to be proper good paying jobs not minimum wage junk. When people have a way to earn money they are less likely to steal it. Sure you will always have your bad eggs but it won’t be an epidemic. Also education needs to be more focused on math and science as tech is and will be the way of the future. Maybe we need to look into assistance for students who go to college and stay in the area for good paying jobs. This will help stimulate growth in the community and the local economy. We need to stop looking at who to blame and start finding solutions.

  • Whatever

    “Lock your doors”… good advice. “Install alarm systems”… nice, but not everyone has that kind of money to spend (several hundred dollars or more for the system, then $$$ every month to monitor it). First off, not every municipality has local police protection, and that’s something to bring up to your LOCAL GOVERNMENT… they are the ones responsible to provide public services. The state police are not a local patrol force. Time for people to stop complaining, get off their butts, and get involved in local government. If you’re not willing to step up to open your mouth or work to make changes, then you have no right to complain when things happen, either.

  • MarinesJoeIV


  • Ronald Clews

    Apparently you people did not get the news flash.Lock your doors you idiots.This area is being invaded by illegal immigrants which along with them comes crime!!!!!!!!!! I bought an ar-15 and i would love to have some scumbag try to rob my house.I will unload the whole 30 shot clip on the scum.

  • Scott snyder

    Again people -carry carry carry ! I live by the words I’d rather have it and nit need it than need it and not have it

  • BringItOn

    I have a video security system on my house… and it’s not there to help the police… it’s so I know who needs to be hunted. I’ll bring in the police when I have the bodies of the perps in a bag to hand over to them. Sometimes I even make it look like I’m not home when I am… I was hoping someone would try breaking in when I was home. I can guarantee beyond any doubt that it’ll be the last time they break in anywhere.

  • Missy

    sad part is when my friend had her house broken into several months ago while she and her husband were at work, the cops were called and the cops who came to the house were extremely rude ,,, made them feel like the criminals and the cops incinuated that it was an inside job….this has the family a nervous wreck, that they have no support from the police …sad they have to live like this …and sad that cops like to throw their power around and make families feel defenseless. cops refuse to do anything about it other than have rude comments!

  • use your brains

    I really hope these scumbags get caught, but come on people. You are giving your names, then saying you aren’t Home during the day. What is wrong with you??? You might as well have given your address. Post it on FB while you’re at it, make it even easier for them!

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