Pancakes with Friends Help Fire Company Recover

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LAKE TOWNSHIP -- For the Lake Ariel Fire Company, the pancake breakfast on Sunday marked the beginning of a recovery.

It was the first fundraiser since Aaron Rossignol, the former company president, was criminally charged and accused of stealing more than $8,000.

Prosecutors said he copied the department's fuel credit cards, and used them for himself between April 2011 and January 2014.

"I have known him for a long time, it's just hard to believe you know," said Mark Cowger, who replaced Rossignol as president.

Joan Egans' eyes welled with tears just thinking about it. She said that five years ago the department put out a fire at her home.

"It wasn't a big fire but they were very careful about not destroying things," she said.

Like many volunteer departments, Lake Ariel relies on fundraising events like the pancake breakfast and an Easter egg hunt scheduled for April 19.

The need is now greater, after the loss.

"It jeopardized the whole operation of this department. It's not going to stop us. We're going to continue on," said Deputy Chief Alex Rae.

Not only did the alleged theft siphon away money, it also damaged morale. However, support from the community is lifting firefighters' spirits.

"They are all volunteers. They put their lives on the line every time they go out. It was a disappointment for everybody. We're here to support them all year long," said Patty Dennis.


  • Kelly

    thank god it was not worse. Greenwood is out almost $400,000.00. thanks to our former president. He got a slap on the wrist. He is serving time but was sentenced to less than a year. Now he is asking for early release to work in his ice cream business which is where a lot of the money went. Some people think they are above everyone else.

  • lynn ann

    I have known aaron for many yrs and i dont belive this i just think chief and the board members are hiding something and they want him out so what better way to blame him.they serve food with no gloves and no hair nets thats not safe at all .They have force members to leave when they have the community best interest.

  • Ardi

    No surprise to me either JM. as I posted before it is not his first time before a judge. Its all public record. Those who know him have seen a history with agression and belief in self entitlement. I cant wait to hear the courts opinion on this matter. Its about time someone holds him liable for his behaviors.

    • ann t. kelly

      not that you need to know my back round or history with lake ariel and lake ariel’s fire company but. i have known aaron for more years than you have probably been alive. let me ask you a question. if you, (which i am sure you have a spottless history and past), had done or have had any altercation in your past, should we as a community hold that against you? in your case i’m sure the answer would be no, it was my past and that is where it should stay. am i correct in assuming that? or if you are a judge and jury, which by your posts it seem that your are. then why do we need court houses, lawyers police. it seems that you have taken care of all those jobs all by your peanut one sided brain already.

  • Elizabeth

    April of 2014? We are in March 2014. How could he have used credit cards in a month, that according to calendars we are not in yet. Please check and correct your information.

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you for editing and correcting the date timeline error. The article as previously written, the dates did not make sense.

  • George De Lorenzo

    I’ve known Aaron a long time. I can’t believe something like this would ever happen. But I was there this morning to show my support for The Lake Ariel Fire Company & I’ll b back next time they have a fundraising event. :)

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