One Dead After Late Night Crash

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WILLIAMSPORT —  Police are looking for a car they believe was involved in a deadly crash.

Officers said 58-year-old Robert Walker of Williamsport died after he veered off West Fourth Street late Saturday night and slammed into a tree.

A witness told police that Walker was driving next to another vehicle, and they were both going really fast.

The driver of the other car took off.

A woman in the vehicle that crashed was flown to the hospital with serious injuries after the wreck.


  • Katie Copson

    i swear when bad things happen all the assholes have to come out and be ignorant. nobody knows for a fact that he was racing. im very close to their daughter and there’s a possiblilty that the other car ran them off the road. a man is dead and all u pricks have to say is rude things.

    my heart goes out to dewys fam and kathys u guys i know kath is gonna pull through!!

  • Mosey786

    I am a friend of the family and it’s very apparent ignorance is in the air!!! Keep on being ignorant because God sure does not like ugly and I’m sure your story will change when it’s your family member!

  • Brenda

    The woman who was with him is in very serious condition! I am very close to her and her family, I don’t know exactly what happened and my heart goes out to his family but don’t forget about the woman and her family and what they’re going through at this time also!

  • steve

    If it was a teenager in that story you’d probably be up in arms. Evidence at this point says he was racing. Just glad he didn’t kill others just driving home or something. Condolences to the family.

  • Dusty

    Don’t forget this man has family and friends that love him so keep your ignorant comments to yourself.. It’s not certain he was racing or speeding so have so compassion.

    • realist

      Would you say that if that man’s reckless actions killed your family? Live stupid, die stupid. Lucky the woman he was with is still alive. So, who’s the ignorant one?

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