Gunshot Leads to Arrests in Dunmore

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DUNMORE -- Police made three arrests following an incident Sunday morning.

Authorities charged Jamont Henry of Dunmore, after investigators say he fired a gun at his former girlfriend and another man.

Cops also say they found Henry with drugs.

The incident took place on Prescott Avenue just before 8:30 a.m.

Officers responded and took Henry into custody.

When officers searched the place, they found a stolen gun, drugs, and more.

Dashawn Mitchell, Henry's estranged girlfriend,  also faces drug charges.  The man she was with, Otha Smallwood, is under arrest for lying to police.

No one was hurt by the gunfire.

The drugs and stolen gun were confiscated during the investigation and all three are locked up in Lackawanna County.


  • Billl D

    Why is it, everyone wants to blame someone else? It’s the landlord, it’s not, it’s your politicians who use our tax dollars to put their name on a new highway that not only costs us Millions to build but then costs us another $480 million because it cut into DeNaples landfill expansion! It’s the fact that they allow companies to move to china and take our jobs away and the fact that no one can afford the taxes to own homes in this country! It is those factors that bring with them the drug problems in the area and the scum of the earth! Landlords, much like everyone else here, are struggling just to keep their properties these days! The bleeding of funds in the area for the past 40 years has crippled us financially and these idiots who run things think they can not tax us out of it! They’re taxing us all out of our homes and out of the area is what they are doing! Sooner or later this whole area will be nothing but rentals! It’s pathetic!

    • e

      Billl D this region is already mostly rentals. When the elderly in this area die the only people willing to occupy their vacant homes are those from New York or New Jersey. Unfortunately most of these people have extensive criminal records and they bring their troubles with them. Decent peolple will not move to this area unless they are in financial trouble and have no other option.

  • Veryannoyedcitizen

    I really don’t care where all the convicted felons live as long as they aren’t living next to me and my family

  • tom

    Dunmore police do an excelllent job.As for renting to certain people-abackround check should be done by a landlord,then let them decide if they want to rent to someone.landlords usually don’t live in those crumby places,so they don’t care what happens in the neighborhood.

  • jellystoneranger

    Here is a thought. How about the police arrest the building owner /landlord that doesn’t do a background check with the police when anyone rents ? Sweethearts like this almost always have red flags . Its about time these slumlords pay the price of letting more filth some into the area !

    • Joe Schmoe

      That’s fine to check ahead of time. What happens after the landlord does his proper checks and the people go south after they are in? Still hold landlord accountable even after they did proper pre-screening? Think it through a little more jellystone.

    • William Giordano

      so people with a record should live where? like really what are you thinking. so lets see people who have been convicted should not have a place to live should not be able to work or anything because of what they did even thought they payed their debt. and we wonder why so many are on housing and welfare. use logic.

    • Jaclyn

      The reality is if no one ever rented to people with prior convictions; where do you expect the crime rates to go? The notion is a noble one; but simply unrealistic. Just be thankful there is one less shoot-happy crazy in custody and commend police when deserved.

    • CCKM

      It’s up to the discretion of the landlord to rent to whom they wish, and whether or not to do a background check. I think that it would be illegal to not tell a prospective tenent that a background check is being done. IF a landlord is suspicious of what their tenents might be doing, they can report it to the police and let the law take it from there. You take a chance just letting people into your house you don’t know well never mind renting to them! I commend law enforcement across the state of late for the state-wide crackdowns on robberies, drugs, and most of all the collars on the violent crimes.

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