Schnitzel Style Breaded Berkshire Pork Dish

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Get a taste of "Fire and Ice on Toby Creek" when Chef Gary Edwards prepares a spring dish of  Schnitzel Style breaded Berkshire boneless pork topped with chiffonade spinach salad tossed with lime, Chipotle Shrimp, and Berkshire pork belly finished with mango patron puree.
Pork Schnitzel
4, 3 oz        boneless pork medallions pounded
2,               farm fresh eggs
1/2 cup       panko (fresh breadcrumbs)
2 oz           extra virgin olive oil
2 oz           farm fresh butter
1 oz           chardonnay wine
Pork Belly
6 oz            pork belly
4 oz            mirepoix (onion, celery, carrot)
3 oz            lager beer
1 oz            Jameson whiskey
1 oz            garlic
3 oz            fresh chicken stock
Spinach Salad
4 oz.           jullienne (sliced) spinach
4                jumbo shrimp
1 oz.           chipotle dry rub
1 oz.           olive oil
3, 1 oz.       portions of cooked pork belly
1/2  ea        lime, juice of
1/2 oz.        extra virgin olive oil
2 oz.           mango sliced
4 sprigs       cilantro
Mango Puree
1/2              mango, skinned and seeded
1 oz.           patron tequila
1 oz.           scallion sliced
Sear the seasoned pork belly until golden brown. Add mirepoix, whiskey, beer and chicken stock
cover and roast in the oven 300 degrees for 4 hours until fork tender.
Clean and cut the pork loin, pound with meat mallet.
Bread the pork in flour, egg and breadcrumb. Sear the pork in olive oil then finish, frying with whole butter.
Steam with white wine.
Make the mango puree by adding all ingredients to food processor and pureeing.
Saute the shrimp and add the pork belly to the same pan, coat both in the ca jun/chipotle seasoning dry rub
add some of the braising liquid from the pork belly and toss.
Assemble the dish by placing the pork on the plate and topping with the spinach salad that has been tossed together with the shrimp, pork belly, lime juice, salt pepper, mango, and cilantro.