Honoring Paralympian Bronze Medalist

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EXETER --Dozens of people didn't want to miss a chance to cheer on a hometown hero along Wyoming Avenue near Exeter.

Families grabbed the red white and blue and stood along the parade route waiting for Stephanie Jallen to drive by.

Glenna Pocceschi has known Jallen since the paralympic skier was in the sixth grade at Wyoming Area.

"We've all been pulling for her, so excited for today and her accomplishments and we only wish her the best from here on out," said Pocceschi.

Complete strangers came out to be a part of the community pride for Jallen who won two bronze medals at the Winter Paralymic Games in Russia.

"It's a nice feeling to see everyone come out and support her, even myself who does not know her, she's a local athlete and a true hero," said Stacey Kile, West Wyoming.

With a police escort leading the way, the parade for Jallen made its way toward Wyoming Area High School. Jallen rode atop a convertible and was waving to her supporters.

"She's a beautiful little girl, she's worked hard, we're proud of her here in Wyoming valley. We're so proud of her that's why we're here today," said Laurie Slusser, Tunkhannock.

Jallen walked out to chants of 'U.S.A.'

At Wyoming Area High School, local leaders declared it Stephanie Jallen Day in the district.

Jallen thanked everyone saying without the support, she couldn't have made it to Russia to compete.

"You are the ones that won the medal, you deserve all the thanks and praise," said Jallen.

For her success and her humility, Jallen received a standing ovation and a lot of praise from people in her hometown in Luzerne County.

"Anything with this special needs, handicap, overcome the odds, to me it's most awesome thing in the world," said Gary Biscontini, Old Forge.

"We're so proud of this girl, so honored to be part of all this, Stephanie's a tremendous individual," said David Hooper, Buck Township.