Fundraiser for Fire Victims

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MOOSIC -- People came out to help a family in Lackawanna County who were involved in a fatal fire last month.

A fundraiser was held at the Greenwood Hose Company in Moosic on Sunday.

The event was held to benefit the Graham family. Fire ripped through their home in Taylor, killing 42 year old Robert Graham. Three others in the home were burned.

Graham's sister is still recovering.

The organizer of the fundraiser, Joanne Juba said, "Karen has just been released from the hospital and she's been home since Wednesday. She's doing better still recuperating, going for therapy. We're on the right path, on the right path. They had lost everything so I'm sure that this will be a great help for them."

Donations can be made to the Graham family at any Citizens Bank via the Graham Family Fire Fund.


  • Steve

    Hey Janet.. Yeah, you insensitive pig.. I’m sure they do carry home owners insurance..and I’m sure they carry life insurance as well, however, the last time I checked.. Giesinger doesn’t take homeowners insurance, this family is probably in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt due to medical bills.. Im sure the last thing they care about is their home. So maybe you should be a little more sensitive to people’s feelings.. Esp when they just lost family members.. I sure hope 1 day you’re family member isn’t hurt or killed and ends up on WNEP and some idiot like yourself makes an ignorant comment… Clearly no one taught you manners.. Your parents should be ashamed.. And so should you. God bless the good people who came out to support the victims and their families without caring about weather they had insurance or not.. And since you’re so concerned.. Why don’t you write them a check for the cost of medical treatment.. Oh wait.. You don’t have 100 grand lying around?

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