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Celebrating St. Pat in Girardville

GIRARDVILLE — It’s the great green get-together that goes as far as the eye can see.

St. Patrick’s Day may have come and gone on the calander, but folks in this part of Schuylkill County couldn’t care less.

When parade day rolls around it’s time for Girardville to put on a show.

People who live along the parade route take pride in showing off their shamrocks

Dan Kelly’s home features decorations including a green-on-green wreath his wife made for the occasion.

He said,”This is where Girardville gets a chance to shine, everyone spruces up, puts their decorations up, it’s a great time we can be proud of our town.

Kelly’s front porch was surrounded with friends, enjoying food and sunshine during what has become a yearly reunion.

Dan Welker went to school in Girardville but now lives near Danville.

He said, “Everybody is very open, you can walk up and down the street and even if you don’t know people, you will make friends. “

In fact folks were having so much fun, they almost didn’t notice the parade arriving.

But when it did it there were plenty of bag pipes, oodles of fire trucks, and shriners in little red cars.

A band called “The Troubles” played as if they didn’t have a worry in the world.

Billy Davis, 6, of Pottsville observed, “There is people walking, throwing candy, and they hold flags and st. Patrick is in it”

Sandy Tunnesen has been to St. Patricks parades in other places, but said that Girardville’s generosity keeps her coming back to Schuylkill County.

“It’s very hometown, which is what you want for a St. Patricks Day parade.”

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