Postal Service Jobs To Stay, For Now

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SCRANTON -- About 300 people who work in Scranton now know their jobs will stay in the Electric City for at least two more years,  good news for the workers and the city which has seen hundreds of jobs leave in the last few weeks.

The post office and mail distribution center on Stafford Avenue in Scranton is a busy place with big trucks bringing in mail and customers from all over northeastern Pennsylvania.

"Scranton needs a good post office. Not many places let you come and get your passport. We had to come all the way from Lake Ariel up here to get it," said James Histed.

If it weren't for a recent change in plans, this place wouldn't be so busy. Earlier this year, the distribution center was set to close and 300 workers would have to move their jobs to the Lehigh Valley. But, the postal service decided to table its decision to consolidate some distribution centers for at least two years.

Postal service employees say some of the daytime mail has already been re-routed to the Lehigh Valley. But evening mail and packages are still processed here. They say the most important thing is that all 300 of those jobs are staying here, too.

According to the postal service, distribution centers that had already consolidated were not meeting delivery standards. so This one in Scranton, and others across the country, will now stay open for at least the next few years.

"I'm in business and I depend a lot on the mail. And an extra day means a lot, you know? So I wouldn't want to see that happen," said Rob Goldate of   Clarks Summit.

300 jobs staying in Scranton for now is also good news for Scranton. Since last month, two other companies - EDM Americas, formerly Diversified, and VaxServe - announced they will take a total of 300 jobs out of downtown Scranton.

Delivery times shouldn't change for the postal service in Scranton now but the news of jobs staying was the best news of all for postal customers.

"It's not only a good service for myself but I'm sure for senior citizens and local people.  The most important thing, you're keeping jobs in this area," said Mike Bartoletti of Old Forge.


  • Jeff

    The statement that closed distribution centers were not meeting standards is not true of Williamsport. Just another lie to justify their actions.

  • Chuck Biscuits

    Sad to see such a once prominant area crumbling to pieces. Two more years and the post office will be gone. Cripes. That’s when the drugs and the whores move in to town. Oh wait…

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