Police: $700,000 Pot Operation Busted

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP — We are just getting word about a big marijuana bust earlier this month in Monroe County.

Police say when they searched the home of David Wood, 45, on Kensington Drive near Tobyhanna they found $700,000 worth of pot plants growing in various stages.

Wood is also accused of stealing electricity to supply the heat needed to grow the pot.



    I had a bag of potatoes in the cupboard and they all sprouted eyes. Didn’t take no light or no extra heat. Gonna plant them out next to the chicken coop across the creek from the smoke house. I plant tators every year to keep the food budget in check.

    While ya cant eat Marijuana with fresh eggs and Potatoes and get filled at breakfast. Marijuana probably taste like chicken poop anyways.

    Stupid people grow stupid stuff that ain’t worth nothing when ya get caught.

    That’s the biggest cause of Liberalism to date, Marijuana smokers have to many screws loose after smoking it to many times. Just like John Kerry and Obama and sexual predators like Clinton & Gore.
    Yep, yep, Pot smokers are Libtards and don’t even know it.

    • CCKM

      Every pot-head I know is a useless space-cadet including myself back in the day. They don’t get it. It’s just as bad as when you drink too much. It’s illegal anyway, it is what it is and besides he stole electricity that wasn’t his to do something illegal. Glad he got busted.

    • George V

      Anyone who uses the words… “tators”… and “aint”… and then says, “Pot taste like chicken poop, ANYWAYS”… is the last person on earth…who should talk about others… having “Screws loose”. By the way… did you use those “Tators” as a side dish when you ate/eat chicken poop?

  • George V

    “Stealing electric to supply the heat…”. I’m pretty sure the THOUSANDS and THOUSAND of watts used with the LIGHTING system, provided plenty of heat… this guy was stealing the electric…so he could use the lights.

    • George V

      My guess… is Dan Ratchford .. added that part. “Too supply the heat” Not one other news outlet said it was stolen for the heat. THEY NEED LIGHT… LOTS of LIGHT… and you can bet they got lots of it, to the tune of $15,000 worth. Dan…forget the ad-lib if you have no clue as to what you’re talking about.

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