Gunshot Fired, Two Arrested

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SCRANTON — Police in Scranton said they have arrested a father and son after one of them fired a gunshot on Myrtle Street in the city on Wednesday.

According to police paperwork, during an argument with some juveniles, Jamal Morrison Sr. handed a gun to his son, Jamal Morrison Jr.

Officers believe Morrison Jr. fired a shot in the direction of the juveniles, who then fled.

No one was hurt during the incident in east Scranton.


  • e

    These types of people are the future of Scranton and the entire region, so you better get used to this kind of situation.

  • smh indisbelief

    are you kidding me…the kids he shot at are the same kids that shot at someones child on taylor ave in dec 12..then a cpl other ppl a few months later and they still walk the street but someone shoots at them and you arrest them..maybe if the kids from myrtle formally from s.irving were arrested as they should of been in the 1 st place none of this would of happened..but no instead of police doing there job ..they wanted to “know why he shot at the kids on taylor” if you don’t believe me go back and read the tiny article from dec 2012 in the sr.times….that town is so corrupt…

    • CCKM

      So, with all this shooting going on, there she some sort of gun search/sweep for illegal weapons?! In the case(s) of where there has been shootings like this. It’s got to get cracked down somewhere, somehow as you suggested!

  • CCKM

    Indeed Spank! The family that plays together huh? Hopefully they will stay locked up awhile, however, IF the gun was legal, they can say there was just cause or some sort of self-defense. By “juveniles,” I am assuming the targets were minors.

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