Drivers Question Road Safety After Crash

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MESHOPPEN TOWNSHIP -- Another deadly crash on Route 6 near the Wyoming County Fairgrounds in Meshoppen Township on Thursday had people talking about the road conditions.

"The spot where that wreck was is dangerous, you can't see around the corner real good. You might want to make double solid lines there or put in a light or something," said Dakota Proctor-Burch, who works by the crash site.

A Lake Winola resident said he's not surprised to hear about the wreck.

He drives route 6 everyday and said drivers try to pass trucks at the last second.

"The passing zone ends right there at that corner, so a lot of people try to force the lane," said David Morrison of Lake Winola.

Meshoppen police said there have been several deadly crashes at that turn.

Before this Thursday's wreck, the latest one was in January.

Then back in 2011, another driver was killed in the same spot. The memorial for that driver still stands.

There are 40mph signs posted on both sides of the hill, but drivers said it's pretty rare someone is actually going that slow around the turn.

"Everybody speeds up to try to get around all the trucks," said Morrison.

"People travel high speeds through there quite a bit," said Proctor-Burch.

Rashard pringle is originally from Texas, but now works for an oil and gas company in Wyoming County.

He said most of the truck drivers, like the two victims from Thursday's crash, are not from the area and may not be familiar with the roads in Wyoming County.

"They should make the roads safer for people who are from out of town, there's a lot of us up here for work," said Pringle.

Meshoppen police plan to release a final report on Thurday's deadly crash next week.

As for those other crashes, police said speed was a factor in both.

PennDOT officials said they will look into the road conditions once they receive a police report.


  • marsellus

    To comment on what was said in article, the driver killed in the pickup truck has worked in this area for a number of years. He has traveled all of the roads. he was doing nothing wrong but traveling to a job. He was not in the passing lane and he was not speeding. All he was doing was traveling to ajob site as he has done day in and day out. this senseless tragedy happened becauseof a driver speeding down a hill around a curve. To assume that because one of the drivers has it permanent out of town address that doesn’t mean he doesn’t live in the area..

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