Two Dead After Wyoming County Crash

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MESHOPPEN TOWNSHIP -- Two people are dead, and busy Route 6 was closed for hours Thursday after a four vehicle wreck in Wyoming County.

The Meshoppen Police Chief said the crash happened around 11:30 a.m. in Meshoppen Township after a tractor-trailer crossed into oncoming traffic.

The chief said the rig was coming around a curve, going downhill in the eastbound lane when the driver lost control and swerved into the two westbound lanes.

The rig hit another tractor-trailer, a car and a white pickup truck, eventually crashing into the guard rail, killing the driver.

Police said the driver of the pickup was also killed.

Investigators said both of those victims were men from New Jersey.

People living in the area said there have been several crashes along that part of Route 6, which sits along the Wyoming County Fairgrounds.

“I’ve known at least two people who have died there already in crashes in the same area,” said Vicki Hitchcock of Meshoppen.

The Meshoppen Police Chief said there was a deadly crash along this part of Route 6 in February.

People in the area believe drivers are going to fast when they hit the turn.

“The turn, the hill, the way that it`s sloped,” said April Hartshaw, “just a bad stretch of highway, it`s not a first unfortunately.”

“Bad stretch and when you travel that road where that corner is, the road kind of slopes there so that`s the biggest problem there I think,” said Hitchcock.

Route 6 in the area of the wreck was shut down for hours as state police reconstructed the crash.

A detour was set around the crash site, but that was no help for one driver whose truck was not allowed on side roads.

“We`re overweight, we`re permitted so we can`t go around, so we just got to sit and wait,” said Gerard Dauphisais who was trying to get home to Mansfield.

Route 6 reopened around 7 p.m. Thursday.

Meshoppen Police are continuing to investigate the crash in Wyoming County.


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    Many factors are involve with the main factor of adventurous nature of the young generation.The driver in this accident was of age 25 years proves the point.Awareness should be there to save the families from the sudden calamity of death of their loving ones.

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    Youth normally don’t care and every time think of doing some adventure and lose their health.I am agree to the fact that number of injured and dead are often young between 15 to 30 years.That’s so tragic and more awareness training programs should be there to make them realize.

  • xyutum deren

    One of the driver was a 25 year old engineer, making his way back from Pennsylvania to New York/New Jersey where he lived. Its very sad. May god bless their souls

  • jbrony

    Becasue so many people from NJ are looking at a PA web site just waiting to see if a loved one was killed in an accident. As a first-responder that has been at the scene of several fatal accidents, I can assure you there is no good way for people to find out. We’ve actually had lookie-loos try to cross scene barriers ‘because my friend has a car like that’ or ‘I think I know who that is’. So please tell us Tracey, how would you like to be notified?

  • Theora Brunner

    You can’t even tell what are vehicles, so how would a person know it’s a family member for heavens sake. Thank you WNEP for reporting this. It is sad though, that not much is reported from this area or Susquehanna Co. My condolences and prayers for the families.

  • Pennywise

    Just out of curiosity, how would you like to be notified? With ice cream and a puppy?

    Seriously, there’s no right way to inform someone that a loved one is dead. Personally I’d prefer to know ASAP rather that waiting for some government bureaucracy to get around to telling me. The sooner the better.

  • Debbie Smith mentioned that two people were killed, but, nothing about the drivers of the other vehicles??

  • Leigh Carey

    Not like you can tell what the car is. Sheesh. People that travel that road were saddened by the accident but also were grateful that they knew the road was closed. My condolences to the family. Thank you WNEP for bringing us the news as quickly as you’re allowed.

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