Power To Save: Fix A Leak Week

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It is fix a leak week. Pennsylvania American Water has teamed up with other organizations to raise awareness about what it costs you when you allow your faucets to drip.

It's just a drop at a time, but when a faucet is constantly leaking, those drips can add up to big bucks on your water bill.

"People don't realize that those small leaks add up to big dollars, until they see that water bill," said Pennsylvania American Water spokesperson Susan Turcmanovich.

To help cut the cost and conserve, Pennsylvania American Water and the Environmental Protection Agency have teamed up for Fix a Leak Week - a program to help conserve water and remind people to look for leaks before it becomes a big issue.

Plumber Ron Marchetti is on the go in Hazleton especially now that pipes are thawing out, leaking, and in extreme cases, bursting.

"A lot of people will say, 'I don't have a leak, I checked everything, it's good.' But if they have a leak, a silent leak in the toilet, they will have a problem," Marchetti said.

If you notice you have a leaky faucet and you're afraid to fix it yourself or don't know how, the simplest thing to do is go underneath the sink and turn off the valve.

And some drippy spigots can be fixed with a home remedy.

"You can put some tape around there to seal it. By having an aerator around it, that will help minimize drips as well."

Pennsylvania American Water has tips to conserve and steps to detect a water leak on their website.

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