Man Admits To Killing His Grandmother, Wife Pleas No Contest To Conspiracy

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SUNBURY -- A husband and wife from Northumberland County entered pleas Thursday in connection with the death of the man's grandmother in Snyder County.

Joshua Snook was in court Thursday morning in Middleburg and pleaded guilty to criminal homicide.

Just a few hours later, his wife Jennifer Snook pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit murder.  That means she doesn't admit guilt but isn't fighting the charges either.

Joshua Snook admitted to killing his grandmother, Bonnie Snook, 71, last February at her home in Beaver Township.

According to court papers, the couple went to his grandparent's house.  Joshua planned to steal a gun from their home and use it to possibly kill a man he allegedly fought with just hours earlier at a bar in Northumberland County.

Joshua Snook admitted to stabbing both of his grandparents and killing his grandmother, while his 9-year-old son was inside the home at the time.

Both Joshua and Jennifer Snook will be sentenced at a later date in Snyder County court.  They both face decades behind bars.


  • luvshorses

    What is the world coming to? Self-entitlement at its worst! When people start believing they are not getting their fair part of life, they start devaluing others lives because they feel those people “have it made” and why should they be allowed to have it? Why not just kill them and take what they have? What ever happened to setting a goal in life and working toward it? I realize how difficult it is to get decent jobs anymore, but we are all part and parcel of that disaster, always wanting cheaper items… but, if you have the money to go out to bars and buy drinks (which are not cheap) then why not use that to better yourself? Go back to school, take courses in occupations that will be around for the future… but to actually kill the only people who even bother to help you in life (and they were helping by having this couple’s son with them) .. or even rob them???? My God, are there no morals left in you????

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