Sharla’s Show & Tell: Self Defense with ‘Girls On Guard’

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April is "Sexual Assault Awareness Month," so this week, I decided to learn how to better protect myself against an attack.

"Girls on Guard," is a worldwide program that teaches women how to stay safe by showing them numerous self defense techniques that they can use when faced with a real life attack situation.

Robert Thomas is the only certified instructor for "Girls on Guard," in the entire Northeast Pennsylvania region, and brought several of his top students and assistants to teach me some self defense skills.

My private instruction took place at the Lackawanna College Student Union Center, in Scranton, and in one hour I learned different positions, stances, leverages, and specific movements, on how to defeat an attacker in many circumstances. I can honestly say, that after one brief lesson, I feel better prepared to take on tough situations!

The average age that Robert teaches are women from 16-35, specifically young adults, but his classes are for anyone who is interested in learning how to defend themselves.

For more information, on this type of self defense that is sweeping the world, go to Robert's website:


  • Joe

    Its a good thing that women take classes for learning self-defense. Continuous classes is needed for a better defense. Hope more and more people come forward to teach women the importance of being aware and the important tips of self-defense.

  • Allan Ondash

    Real self-defense is based on natural response, not preordained action. Specific techniques matched against specific threats are not only placebos designed to ease the woes of the weary, but if you really think hard about it, all the offender is doing in such scenarios is constantly dealing out the losing hand. Needless to say, this doesn’t work in the real world. No one on the face of this earth can consciously recall a specific technique with a head full of adrenaline, and even if they could, their lack of proper daily practice would prevent them from harnessing any whole-body-weight power, focus, explosiveness and everything else that’s needed for victory. For all who want to know the cold truth about self-defense, here is the basic blueprint: All defenders must first become proficient at breathing, stance-based whole-body-weight power, explosiveness and focus. Without these, the process of self-defense will be fruitless. After the basic skills are achieved, the offender will begin to shell out specific threats over and over whilst the defender tries his or her best to counter them using all the proper means. The offender then begins to interrupt the defender’s actions by periodically introducing random attacks so that the defender can cover all the “what ifs” that will certainly happen in real situations. The offender keeps increasing the frequency of random attacks until the entire process becomes RANDOM. This is the only road toward true hand to hand self-defense, and needless to say it takes at least several months of hard daily practice, not a few hours! Kurt Aaron should feature the “girls on guard” program in his “Does It Really Work?” segment. I say it’s worthless and I can prove it.

    Allan Ondash
    Author of THE PAPER TIGERS
    A Knock-Down-Drag-Out Look At Modern Martial Arts

    • e

      Mike this area is very abusive towards women. The number of sexual assaults in this area doubles the national average year after year. Look it up, the information is available to anyone. Alcoholics are not able to control themselves, if you pay attention at all to the way people in this area behave you would have noticed this long ago.

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