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Doctor Involved In Federal Probe Has Died

dr. leroy pelicci

SCRANTON — A doctor in Lackawanna County charged with conspiracy has died.

Dr. Leroy Pelicci, owner of Pelicci Pain Relief Center in Scranton died Wednesday.

Federal investigators say Pelicci and his wife Ann withdrew more than $430, 000 from four banks to avoid reporting that money to the federal government.

Ann Pelicci pleaded not guilty last week.

Dr. Pelicci did not appear in court because his lawyer said he had cancer and was very sick.


  • Gary Matusavige

    How in the world did the wilkes barre VA get a good rating I personally have gone round and round to get medical care at that facility I had an mri sometime in 2012 it wasn’t til about 3 months ago that I got a injection than was suposed to have follow up that was cancelled then I finally got injection this past week from two different Dr.s

  • Paul J. Laure

    You people can’t be serious. You’re excusing (and in some cases even ENCOURAGING) tax evasion “cuz he’s a good guy, heyna or no?” Are you all the same people who fought tooth-and-nail to defend Joe Paterno for not doing more to protect the welfare of children once he became aware that someone on his coaching staff was accused of sexual misconduct? Are you all the same people who defended Bob Mericle for his role in the “Kids For Cash” scandal because he brought jobs into the region?

    This is just further evidence that there’s a tipping point where your criminal misconduct can be excusable in the eyes of NEPA if you offset it by fraternizing and pandering.

  • Bill Nealon

    I met Leroy in high school about 50 years ago. Though we were good friends a long time ago, we didn’t see each other again until about 5 or 6 years ago. Though decades had passed, he welcomed me and my wife to his house. As a loving father, he proudly talked of his family. And as a good friend, he made me and my wife feel at home. He showed that neither success nor good fortune could change him. Leroy was a good and decent man. Let him rest in peace.

  • Mike

    Look,I knew this man, as a doctor and a friend. He was a very special person. Who not only cared, but sincerely did all that he could do for his fellow man. Standing against the large corporations making himself their target. Now they CORPORATE AMERICA is using their power to humiliate and financially destroy him and his family. FOR TAKING WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY IS OWN. The anwers is simple (don’t put our money in the bank).

  • Terra

    This man was someone’s husband. He was a beloved Father. He was a Grandfather, who, because of his illness, was never able to meet his grandchild. He saved people. He comforted people. He HELPED people. Perhaps THESE are the things you should be publishing, rather than causing drama for his already grieving family! This article is deplorable, and your lack of compassion is COMPLETELY the opposite of Dr. Pelicci. Maybe you should take a lesson from him and have some common decency – let his family mourn the loss of a man they very much loved and adored. You owe this family an apology, and you should most definitely be ashamed of yourselves for using this disgusting headline to sell your BS.

    • Jan

      Do you know when and where his funeral will be? He was one of the finest men/doctors I have ever met! My heart is broken. He will always hold a special place in my heart. I truly admired this man! He will surely be missed by all!

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  • judy

    Dr. Pelicci was the most kind hearted doctor i’ve ever went to he went as far as picking up the phone at my first visit and contact his attorney and said i need you to help out one of my patient’s with a worker compensation claim she was wrongfully dismissed from her job how many doctor’s do you know that would that the extra yard and do that for you……..remember it was my first visit to him he didn’t know me from Adam but still he took that extra step for me thanks again Dr. Pelicci may your sole rest in peace and the good Lord console your wife and family during this difficult time……….

  • Theresa Scheatzle

    Dr. was a kind and caring man. My heart is broken that his family has to go through all this garbage with the IRS. He only took what was rightly his. When my insurance company would not pay him for a year he told me not to worry about it. and kept me as a patient. How many doctors do you think would do this. Thank God and my lawyer he eventualy got paid. I will miss him very much. To his wife and children– my prayers are with you.

  • None of your business

    How about name the scummy, piece of chit federal prosecutors who brought charges against this guy because he simply withdrew money from his bank account?

  • Jan

    I’m so sorry for the loss of a very good and caring man. I feel so bad for his poor wife who has to go through this all alone. He left eight beautiful children behind. Rest in Peace!

  • Helen

    R.I.P. Dr. Pelicci, you were a good Man….very caring. let them say what they will……I’m so sorry for what your Wife has to go through, and now this! god bless her. <3

  • B.G.D.

    We are saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Pelicci. May he rest in peace. Those that wished him dead should be ashamed of themselves.

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