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Protestors Arrested at Fracking Site

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MIFFLIN TOWNSHIP -- Five people protesting natural gas drilling were arrested Thursday afternoon in Lycoming County. Authorities said the protest stopped drilling at a state forest for about six hours.

The protestors are from a group called Marcellus Shale Earth First. State police said early in the morning, three people chained themselves to a 12 foot pipe outside the entrance to Andarko's gas drilling site at the Tiadaghton State Forest near Jersey Shore. The protesters blocked the only access road to the well-pad, so gas workers could not do their jobs until state police came and arrested the activists.

Natural gas workers could not do their jobs at the Tiadaghton State Forest. Newswatcher Paul Garrett sent us video.

"The activists locked down, disrupted drilling activities and stopped drilling activities for six hours today," Matt Smith said.

State police arrested five protesters, including a man from Lewisburg. They face a list of charges, including disorderly conduct. Close to two dozen people protested drilling at Pennsylvania's state forests. Governor Tom Corbett recently issued an order to open some of the state's remaining public lands for hydraulic fracturing, this includes state forests. Protesters said they enjoy fishing and hiking on state forest land, and they don't want to see that disappear.

"For that to be fragmented, for there to be roads put in, wells put in and the water tainted, that isn't something people want to stand for," Joe Gorman said.

The group also protested at Anadarko's Williamsport headquarters on West Third Street.

"To let the public know and to let the corporation know that there's a growing ground swell of resistance and opposition to shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania," Smith said.

Texas-based Anadarko Petroleum Corporation released a statement to Newswatch 16 late Thursday night:

"We respect everyone’s right to express their views, provided that it is done in a manner that does not jeopardize the safety of the community and our personnel. When today’s demonstration at Dam Run Road put the safety of the community and personnel at risk, we asked the state police to respond as appropriate."

The five people arrested are locked up in the Lycoming County Prison.


  • adriana

    Anybody who thinks fracking is good please educate yourself. Has anyone seen gasland one or gasland two? This is a real problem. These oil and gas companies are coming in here and contaiminating our water supplies with fracking fluids. Is anyone even aware that our nature gas will be sent overseas? So we will not see cheaper gas prices we will just be left with a diseased place to leave. We need to make a change and ban fracking. For the sake of children and future generations to come.

  • Bill Adams

    Wonder if the protestors are the usual complainers, trying to be considered “intellectuals”. Now that Global Warming is only taken seriously by the least intelligent, they seem to be making another Imaginary Problem out of fracking. What’s wrong with drilling a mile down, far below any rabbits or deer, and bringing up gas? Does it interfere with their donors’ cash flows? Do the established OPEC producers who subsidize these people’s organizers feel threatened?


    Frack, Frack, Frack, They call them the Frackers. Boomb boomb boomb boomb.

    Gas, Gas, Gas, They know what they’re after. Boomb, boomb, boomb, boomb…..

    Sang to the tune of the great 1970’s song by the Jaggerz, The Rapper…

    This tune was brought to you by the Popular Sandman, The ROOSTER.

    You guys keep on Fracking, and I’ll see ya up on top of Haineyville.

  • Barbara Boyce

    I salute those willing to stand up so boldly to make this movement grow stronger. For years now those opposed to HVHF drilling especially on state & public lands have been overshadowed and ignored. Corporate finances are buying the legislatures, politicians, media and everything in their power. But the grassroots movement still has power as citizens to speak up and stand up.

    We can have better ways to produce energy. Research and development is our future for better energy alternatives.

    Destruction of state land, air and water is the true crime in this story. Activists willing to speak up loudly and say so are heroes in my book.

  • Judy Bird

    Okay, now I am angry, the NERVE of this GENIUS who gave a statement from TEXAS BASED ANADARKO Petroleum……..!!
    We have the right to protest as long as we don’t jeapordize your safety or personnel?????? WHO IS JEAPORDIZING WHOSE SAFETY????? Who is jeapordizing our LIVES, Our HEALTH, OUR HOMELAND!!!!! THANKS to all the CAREER POLITICIANS who are destroying PENNSYLVANIA for the almighty dollar!!! Our industries are gone, our rights are gone and now you want our land and water.there needs to be a watchdog group for each county. They are getting away with murder. I am so sick about this.
    I bet Manny is rolling over in his grave. ENJOY, ENJOY!!! The great outdoors of Pennsylvania!!!!!!!!

  • Christina Lee Countryman

    Charles A. Meloy
    Executive Vice President,
    U.S. Onshore Exploration and Production

    Anadarko Corporate Office
    Allison Tower
    1201 Lake Robbins Drive
    The Woodlands, Texas 77380

    Dear Mr. Meloy,

    Texas-based Anadarko Petroleum Corporation released a statement to Newswatch 16 late Thursday night: (March 20 2014)
    “We respect everyone’s right to express their views, provided that it is done in a manner that does not jeopardize the safety of the community and our personnel. When today’s demonstration at Dam Run Road put the safety of the community and personnel at risk, we asked the state police to respond as appropriate.”
    I am not impressed by the statement Mr. Meloy. The protestors are trying to prevent your company from doing harm to a public park. Since the gas wells put the safety and health of so many people and wildlife in jeopardy, who next shall we arrest?
    In the event of a spill or accident, who should go to jail? You Mr.Meloy, in any nation of justice, would be among the first.
    Being prevented from doing destructive work in a disputed location is truly not being put in danger, and imprisoning people does not look much like respect to me.
    This problem is not going to go away, people will continue to resist being poisoned and will seek to protect natural places from being destroyed by your industry.
    You are among the decision-makers. Humanity can not survive the current agenda. We can do so much better during the time we have on earth with more sharing, more freedom and more love.
    The possibility of a world of peace and justice has never been greater, Please stop the poisoning! My very special wish is for future generations to visit frequently in your dreams. Think it over.
    Sincerely, Christina Countryman

  • Arvin

    Billions in tax revenue has been generated by the gas drilling activity in our state and it STILL isn’t enough. On one hand, people have a right to protest this because this one site on state land isn’t going to solve any budget problem. Keep on spending!!!

    • Rds

      You are right, people need to get more involved with politics, they are walking all over the people, this is not right, People should have the right to protest, The state Parks belong to the wild life not the Government, They could be endangering protected wild life in the preserve. .

      • FracDaddy

        People Do have the right to protest. Just not the right to chain themselfs to concrete barrier in the middle of the road! So would have no problems with me doing the same thing in your drive way so you can get home?

  • Cherie Robinson

    To call someone an idiot is extremely rude. I would suggest you DO your research you may just learn something.

  • Amanda Worthington

    Shame on him, what gives him the right to let the gas drillers on OUR state games lands?

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