Spring Break Cancelled

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TANNERSVILLE  -- There’s no rest and relaxation for students and staff at Northampton Community College.  This week’s spring break was canceled for the first time ever.

Corrections and Rehabilitation class is underway in Classroom 101 and Northampton Community College’s Monroe Campus is bustling.  Students are making up snow days during - of all times - spring break.

"A lot of snow days, I don't think I've had that many snow days since I've been in high school, and instead of taking my summer you might as well take my spring break," said Mike Cajilema of Bushkill.

College officials say they missed a week of class because of bad weather and are making up for lost time – canceling spring break for the first time ever. The college wanted to make sure students got the class time they signed up for this semester.

"We do value the students’ education and we appreciate the fact that they need to make up that time," said Northampton Community College’s Monroe Campus Assistant Dean John Bednar.

It's a decision students like Anthony Clarke of Stroudsburg says creates mixed emotions.

“On one hand you want the vacation, on the other hand you kind of know you need the extra time,” said Clarke, a junior at Northampton Community College’s Monroe Campus.

But many students decided not to show up and take their spring break.  Students on campus say their classrooms have been rather empty.

College officials say those students who took spring break, won't be penalized.

Sophomore Shannon Gardner of Stroudsburg says she actually welcomes the spring break classes because here on campus is where she gets most work done.

"Definitely in the classroom, like, that's why I come here just to get work done because there's just too many distractions at home," said Gardner.

Others are taking advantage of the smaller classes and hope their extra effort to show up rather than relax pays off.

"Now I just have the chance to be one on one with the few students they have there, get everybody caught up, I feel like my grades are really going to reflect that,” said Cajilema.