Mall’s Road May Take Weeks to Fix

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DICKSON CITY -- One of the most heavily traveled roads in our area looks more like the surface of the moon these days.

Unfortunately, a fix isn't all that simple on Viewmont Drive between the Viewmont Mall and Main Avenue in Dickson City.

Many drivers heading up the hill on Viewmont Drive in Dickson City found it best to ignore the lines, forget about lanes, and just find the smoothest path possible.

"You don't want to get a DUI when you're sober, let's put it that way. That's the way I look at it because I'm swerving around to stay out of it," said Donald Shiffer of Scranton.

Shiffer travels Viewmont Drive nearly every day for work. Always sober, but rarely in a straight line, for the last few months since wide but shallow holes have opened up on the road.

The road that leads to the Viewmont Mall is owned by the mall's parent company, and it is responsible for maintaining it. Mall officials said they are planning to patch the road, but not anytime soon.

Mall ownership needs to bid out the paving project, and that could take a month.

So drivers heading to stores like Lowes and Best Buy will have to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel.

Though PennDOT and municipal crews have been out for weeks putting temporary cold patch in potholes, the folks at the Viewmont Mall said that wasn't possible on Viewmont Drive because the holes are too shallow.

Temporary cold patch just wouldn't stick.

Viewmont Mall officials said the road and parking lots are just as bad at their other malls on the East coast too. Many of them are asking for paving in their budgets, something else that may hold up any work here.


  • K

    Who plows the road when it snows? The mall , their subcontractor SMI?? The borough? It’s not a state road.

    Maybe someone should send this article to PREIT (owners) or call them. Ph 215-875-0700 Fax 215-546-7311

    Cold Patch won’t stick… Then go buy hot asphalt from a plant that is open. American Asphalt in Dallas, maybe one that is closer???

    Until PREIT opens their purse to repave the road, correctly, send all of your auto repair claims directly to Philadelphia.

    I think I drank too much coffee…

  • e

    The mall’s parent company has never kept up repairs on Viewmont Drive. I cannot remember it ever being this bad, but it has always been in poor shape. It seems the concerns of this area are of low priority to the owner of the road. It makes sense because no matter how bad the road gets and no matter how much the locals complain they will still shop on Viewmont Drive.

  • John Singer

    At what point is the increased taxes on gas going to fix this mess? And I have to assume that someone is financially responsible when I damage my vehicle on this road, no?

    • Salem Mountain Blues

      Taxes do not go towards repairing Viewmont Drive as the road is privately owned. It is up to the property owners to maintain and repair the road.
      As for damage to your vehicle, I have no idea who may or may not pay for it.

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