Security Photos Of Attempted Bank Robbery Released

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POCONO TOWNSHIP — Police in Monroe County are investigating an attempted bank robbery.

Investigators said a man entered the Citizen’s Bank at the intersection of Route 611 and Route 715 in Tannersville around noon Tuesday and gave the teller a note demanding money.

Police said he left in a gray or silver pick-up truck without getting any cash.

Authorities released security photos from the bank. If you have any information, you are asked to contact police at 570-629-7323.


  • Memyselfandi

    The photo of him exiting through “3 front exit” His right hand with several fingers are clearly touching the glass , any finger prints off there as I can see clearly from even the photo that there are in fact smudges. So ….how about did you run that too or good police work relies on the public to “know” the person?

    • RosiePibble

      Fingerprint identification only works if they have been fingerprinted…so if they have no prints on file, there isn’t a way to use that to make an arrest. But I am sure that your suggestion to the police will be greatly appreciated……maybe you could solve this for them?? Perhaps you could offer your services as a consultant. Relying on your own hard work, of course, and nothing like assitance from someone who may actually KNOW who this person is.

      • Memyselfandi

        Well Rosie even though the Odds of this fine upstanding citizen happened to just decide to commit his “first” crime by walking into a federal institution ie:Bank almost guranteed he was with clear mind and free of any prior encounters with the law, therefore taking even if all the prints from that door because I bet no one else touched that door after that, so yeah rule out all the prints its all a click of the button.I also bet he never obtained a drivers license or even a PA ID because Pennsylvania was not one of the first states to adopt the facial recognition technology , you may know it better as something that they use say at an airport to scan faces in what can be a very large crowd and spot match a single individual all by facial recoginition.

    • anonymous

      Memyselfandi, you do know that your fingerprints are only on record if you’ve been arrested or fingerprinted for a case before right? Fingerprints are useless if he’s a first time offender. They’re only good too confirm if a suspect is infact him. Besides do you really think he’s the only one who touched that glass that day?

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