Mega Millions Jackpot Soars to $400 Million

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JIM THORPE—Lottery players in Carbon County, and just about everywhere else are hoping luck is on their side tonight.

Tuesday night’s jackpot is the third largest Mega Millions drawing… which is drawing lottery hopefuls to stores like Mallard Markets in Lehighton.

“I’m going to play it and try my luck,” one woman said.

Frank Kuhn, the store’s owner, tells Newswatch 16 it’s been a busy day. Dozens of people have stopped in to purchase what they are hoping is a lucky ticket.

“It’s kind of fun to sell lottery tickets on these days because everybody is excited. Everybody wants to win, everybody, you know thinks they have the winning ticket, so it’s fun to actually sell tickets,” Kuhn said.

You more than likely have a better chance at being struck by lightning than winning the lottery.

But, with Mega Millions this high this time around, some say- why not play?

“There are 10 of us that are playing, and 10 of us are going to take home that $400 million tonight,” Dennis McGinley said.

McGinley bought his groups tickets at Dugan’s Store in Jim Thorpe.

He already have plans if the group wins big.

“I can quit work when I win,” he said.

For people like Marvin Hurley, he doesn’t have to worry about quitting work, he’s retired.

But he says even he can’t pass up the chance of becoming a multi-millionaire.

“It should be a lot higher. The higher it goes, more people will play. More money the senior citizens will get,” Marvin Hurley said.

If someone wins all six numbers tonight, they can choose to take a lump sum of $224 million.

If there is no winner the next drawing will be on Friday.

To find out if you have the lucky ticket tune into the live drawing tonight on WNEP right before Newswatch 16 at 11.