Heartwarming Homecoming for Paralympic Champion

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EXETER -- High school senior Stephanie Jallen scored two bronze medals after competing in Sochi in the Paralympics. She returned to her school on Tuesday to meet with classmates and fans.

The sound her medals make when they clang together is a reminder of all her hard work, and proof that it paid off.

Jallen won big for her home town winning two bronze medals in her division her first Paralympic skiing event in Sochi, Russia and things don't seem like they could get any better.

"I didn't realize that medaling was going to be the cherry and the sprinkles on top of that cake," Jallen said.

After weeks of traveling, Jallen is finally back in the states. She met with her family and friends at her high school - Wyoming Area Secondary Center in Exeter - for a special homecoming.

"She surprised me. I came from gym class and I just hugged her and cried because I wanted to see her so badly today," said her friend Brianna Shinko.

"I was honored just to go, to come back with medals and show everyone that their support did matter. Everyone that was here and everybody that supported me, all the fundraisers for the past nine years, it was for something," Jallen said.

The school is celebrating her big wins, but her friends say that Stephanie Jallen is the same person, kind and endearing, as when she left.

Her mom Deb Jallen couldn't be more proud.

"She's humble, and I love her for that."

As for the Paralympian, Jallen plans to go to college and continue to ski.


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