Two Vehicles Torched in Forty Fort

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FORTY FORT – Police in Luzerne County said an unlocked sedan and a delivery van were ransacked and set on fire sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Paul Kabacinski told Newswatch 16 that his delivery van for Floral Designs on Wyoming Avenue was likely left unlocked by accident.

“It sort of puts a damper because now we’re out a van. Sure, insurance will pay for it, but it won’t replace the van, so we’re out money on that end,” said Kabacinski. “They’re going to get them because there are surveillance cameras all around here. So, they’re going to find them, hopefully.”

On nearby Slocum Street, Jean Williams said there was an oxygen tank inside her car, when someone set a fire on the front seat of her year-old sedan.

“The way they started the fire, I had a scarf on the seat. They ignited that, I guess with a lighter,” said Williams. “Real good leather that I got when I bought the car. Special color, everything. I don’t even know if it’s going to be repaired, but it’s gone."

Authorities in Forty Fort are urging people to keep their cars locked and hide any valuables inside.

Anyone with information on the arson cases is asked to call police in Forty Fort at (570) 287-8586.