Time For Spring Cleaning On The Highways

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SCRANTON -- The snow is finally melting but now it looks like we may have another problem:  trash covering roadways.

It's tough for road crews to clean up trash during the winter so now that the snow is melting, it's left a pretty big mess for PennDOT.

A clean-up crew was nowhere close to cleaning up all the trash, even after 20 bags.

"Yeah, there is quite a bit, especially on this interstate here," said PennDOT worker Ed Karlowski.

The PennDOT crew was out along Interstate 81 near the River Street exit in Scranton all morning.

Workers picked up the trash that has been encased in ice for most of the winter. Now that the snow is melted, it's time to clean up.

"We want to be spending as much time doing stuff other than litter pick up, but it's just absolutely necessary. There is just so much litter along the sides of the roads here that if we did not do it, it would just become overwhelming," said PennDOT spokesperson James May.

PennDOT has a lot to clean up and they say they could get it done a little quicker if they had some help.

"It's not really what you want to see when it's going to be spring pretty soon."

Sheila Katen is traveling through Pennsylvania on her way to New York. She waited until she stopped at a rest area to throw out her trash.

"I think we as drivers need to be more careful and save our trash for an appropriate place to get rid of it."

PennDOT spends millions of dollars every year to keep the roads clean so when people like Shiela do their part to keep the roads clean PennDOT says it goes a long way.

"We can do the Adopt the Highway, Keep PA Beautiful, Keep America Beautiful. There's a lot of programs you can get involved in that would really help out."

A statewide program - Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful - runs until the end May.


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