The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Welcome the Vice President

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP — The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Greater Pittston hosted their centennial observance Monday night which was highlighted by a visit from the Vice President of the United States.

“They say every St. Patrick’s Day, every Irishman goes out to find another Irishman to make a speech to,” joked Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden turned serious during a nearly 20-minute address to the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Greater Pittston.

This was the 100th anniversary of the organization and Billy, Michael and Albert Clark have been around for most of those years.

Their grandfather founded the Friendly Sons back in 1914, and they said the choice of Biden to mark the centennial was just perfect.

“It was great that he tied in our roots and our heritage here in northeastern P.A. and I don’t think he’ll ever forget them the rest of his political career,” said Albert Clark.

The Vice President was all about his roots, spinning tales of growing up in Scranton with an Irish mother.

“She said to me, Irish is about family, it’s about faith, but most of all its about courage,” said Biden.

Biden’s stop in Pittston was brief, with hot spots around the world, the Vice President has little time for celebration.

“I leave here and I fly directly to Warsaw, Poland to meet with President Tusk,” said Biden.

But not before a quick break with old friends, who were celebrating a major milestone.

“No matter how far you travel away, you always end up at home. I want to thank all of you for bringing me home,” said Biden.