State Police Investigate Crash Involving Cruiser

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BRODHEADSVILLE -- A crash over the weekend that involved two state troopers is under investigation in Monroe County.

It happened early Sunday morning along Route 115 in Brodheadsville.

The sound of the wreck was enough to alert neighbors.

The smashed up state police car was hit head-on.  Now troopers want to know why another car traveling along Route 115 crossed over the line, hitting two of their own in Brodheadsville.

This crash shut down 115 early Sunday morning.

"About 12:45 I heard two ambulances and then I seen a police car zoom down 115, which they usually do zoom down 115," said Evelyn Harris of Effort.

Harris lives along Route 115 near Brodheadsville and says she didn’t know exactly what all the noise was about until she saw a report on Newswatch 16.

"I said 'wow, that makes sense, that makes sense.' I didn't know there was a state car involved and other people. I just prayed that everybody was alright,” said Harris.

You can still see the skid marks and paint used to reconstruct the crash.

Ladies at the Pleasant Valley Assembly of God Church nearby say this stretch of road is dark and dangerous.

"Yes, and especially at night, even when it's darker, in the evening it's even harder to see,” said Malinda Loving of Blakeslee.

State police aren’t releasing many details but do say two women driving in a Dodge Stratus drove into the trooper's lane along Route 115.  The crash is not surprising to these women who travel this road often.

"No it didn't (surprise us.) We’ve been waiting for it to happen, really, it's been, you know,” said Loving.

No charges have been filed yet and the troopers involved are back to work.  Erin Dooner of Effort, the passenger in the other car, is still in the hospital but stable.

Now many, like Shirley Morris of Saylorsburg hope something is done to make this stretch of 115 safer.

"Yes I hope so.  People have to speak up like we're doing right now and maybe it will shake something and make something work,” said Shirley Morris of Saylorsburg.


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