Man Falls From Car, Dies

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ped hit victim ron kerrick mug

HAZLETON — No charges will be filed after a man jumped on the hood of a car, fell off, hit his head and died in Luzerne County.

Police say Ron Kerrick, 42, from Hazleton fell off the car Thursday on Cedar Street in the city.

Kerrick died Friday at the hospital.


  • mariah

    He didn’t jump on the car. The car hit him. My father in law saw the whole thing. The driver should have been charged. He stopped the car n sped up nhit him

    • CCKM

      that’s a shame if true, then why wasn’t the driver charged? couldn’t they tell from the injuries if the car hit him? somebody is covering up something sounds like!

  • cckm

    It just goes to show, there are reasons not to do stupid things, and at this age? What a shame and an unecessary loss.

  • SAL

    I can tell you this, it won’t be from jumping on the hood of a car! We can’t continue to stupid-proof the world!

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