Fire Company Head Facing Theft Charges

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LAKE ARIEL -- The former president of a fire company in Wayne County faces theft charges after troopers said he used the fire company credit card for his own personal use.

According to state police, members of the Lake Ariel Fire Company began noticing some inconsistencies in what it was costing the company to fuel its vehicles.

So they started looking at who had one of those credit cards.

It turns out it was the fire company's former president, who's accused of spending more than $8,000 that wasn't his to spend.

Aaron Rossignol, 36, Lake Ariel left the state police barracks near Honesdale after he was charged with theft. He would not comment about the theft charges he now faces. In connection to more than $8,000 in credit card charges racked up with the Lake Ariel Fire Company's fuel credit card. The same fire company he served as president for the past four years.

Rossignol admitted to troopers he used the card over the past couple years for himself, according to court papers. Investigators claim the thefts go back to 2011.

"I think it's wrong, people are put in the public trust. They're taking care of a worthwhile organization they shouldn't be stealing from it," said Michael Huffstutler of Lake Ariel.

The lunch crowd at Liberty Restaurant and Buffet was surprised to hear of the charges.

Rossignol's membership at the fire company has been taken away, a fire company he seemingly cared a lot for by joining in training exercises and fundraisers like the pancake breakfast.

"It really saddens me to hear this when I know the ladies and men that are involved, and the outside people in this community that help raise the money," said a woman who used to volunteer with the fire company's lady's auxiliary.

The Lake Ariel Fire Company plans to change its bylaws and policies to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again. After all, the fire company and community raises money throughout the year to pay for extra special gear for firefighters who risk their lives.

Troopers are also looking into the fire company's PayPal account, asking anyone who may have donated to the Lake Ariel Fire Company through the link to contact investigators.

"They put their own time into this, their own expenses into this, nobody should be stealing from them," added Huffstutler.

Aaron Rossignol was released without bail.

The Lake Ariel Fire Company where he served as president is now under new leadership and its members are asking the community to stand behind them going forward.


  • Ardi

    Not his first time in front of a is all public records. Guess we will just wait until the verdict is in on this one too. Bet his Momma is proud of him.

  • Rose

    I know its sad that people steal from the fire fighters its there own fault they should have servel people in charge of the money

    • Kelly

      If you feel this way, maybe you should offer your services and volunteer at your own local fire department! If your math skills are anything like your spelling and grammar, I’m sure you would be an asset to the company!

  • Eric

    Really…you must be very well educated. How can you even think that was a rational thing to say? It doesn’t even pertain to this. They said he was using a fuel credit card.

    • jay

      I read the paper and watch the news there on the tv. every other month they catch a fireman starting a fire. i was not born yesterday my freind but that is messed up.

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