Families Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without the Parades

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- People were out Monday celebrating St. Patrick's Day without any parade.

Paul Shinko found an unusual way to mark the day.

While some were lifting a mug of beer, he was hunkering down on a humungous 5 pound hamburger at Charlie B's in Plains Township.

Crystal Coburn, Shinko's fiancee, did not discourage him from eating the hamburger.

If Shinko is lucky enough to finish the $40 dinner, it's on the house.

Meanwhile around the corner at the Polish American Veterans Club, the old saying "you don't have to be Irish to be Irish" proved true.

"It's a great place to celebrate anything, we celebrate every chance we get," said Chuck Ornoski, club member.

Folks even sported green shirts just for Monday.

"They were specially made up for St. Patrick's Day showing that the Poles can compete with the Irish. In doing what? Compete with the Irish with drinking," said Ornoski.

On parade day, Kildares in Scranton was packed with partiers, but the real St. Patrick's Day brings in a different crowd.

Kenrick Maynor, who brought his kids, 5, 2, and nine months old, said, "I think it is important for them to know what is going on in the community, and get a taste of the irish culture Scranton has to offer."

Families from Dunmore and Duryea packed the pub, enjoying the holiday without all the hoopla.

Nicole O'Malley said "More family and adult oriented, than parade day when you get everybody from out of town, so it is nice."

With friendly smiles all around, Monday night in Scranton feels like a journey to the emerald isle.